The African Selection Matches are Three Battle Royals that took place to decide the Members of the African Representational Team.


The African Selection Matches begin with forty five beybladers from several countries gathering to decide the members of The African Team. Each blader is given a card that will represent the stadium that they go to, 15 Bladers at each and the last one standing will earn their place on the team.


Red Group Battle Royal

Leone Battle Royal

Leone takes on several beys

The Battle Royal begins with Kyoya dominating the match by blowing through several bladers in a single consecutive smash. Leone is soon surrounded by several beys but Kyoya uses his special move; King Lion Tearing Blast to blow all of them away leaving him the last one spinning, giving him the win.

Blue Group Battle Royal

Nile dominates

Nile dominates the Blue Group

The Battle Royal begins with Nile dominating the match by sending several other beyblades flying, gaining Kyoya's attention. While the other bladers battle amongst themselves Nile's Horuseus swoops in and knocks them all out in one blow leaving Nile as the lone victor.

Yellow Group Battle Royal

Scorpio defeated

Scorpio is defeated

The Battle Begins with Marcus knocking Demure's arm causing him to have a flimsy launch reducing his Scorpio's power. Demure tells Marcus that's cheating but Marcus replies telling him that victory is all that matters. The battle continues as Demure battles as hard as he can with his handicap until Marcus knocks several beyblades into Scorpio sleeping it out, Marcus delivers a final blow to another blader to give him the win.

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