Aiga Akaba (赤刃アイガ, Akaba Aiga) is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series, Beyblade Burst Super Z. After witnessing the strength of Valt Aoi's new bey, Aiga decided to create his own and become a Blader.


Aiga looks similar to Valt, except he has lighter skin, turquoise eyes, wears red clothing and his hair and eyebrows are maroon. He has a red letter "A" tattooed on his left cheek, and bandage strips on his face: a horizontal one on his right cheek, two horizontal ones placed vertically on the right temple, and a horizontal one over an "X" shaped bandage underneath it on the left temple.

When he's about perform his bey Z Achilles 11 Xtend's signature move, his hair turns crimson and breaks free from the blue rubberband holding it upright.

Aiga's attire consists of a white shirt, jet black shorts with blue-buckled suspenders, a short-sleeved burgundy letterman's jacket with a black-striped white collar, tomato sleeves, border and pocket lining, and burgundy sneakers with a tomato border, white laces, white toe caps and a white circle with an upside-down dark-blue "A" on each inner heel. His jacket has a light-cyan circle with an upside-down dark-blue "A" on the back and three yellow buttons on the front: one on the right side with an upside-down dark-blue triangle, and two on the left, the upper one an upside-down dark-blue "A", and the bottom a dark-blue star. After his first battle with Valt, Aiga began wearing a dark-blue hand brace on his left hand and wrist.


Aiga is very hot headed and cannot stand losing as he was infuriated after is defeat at the hands of Valt Aoi.He is also seen to like animals as he lives on a farm


Special Moves

  • Z Buster: Z Achilles in high mode uses its height to its advantage and attacks knocking opponents downward, adding a down force on them, dealing more damage.
  • Z Launch:



Naru Akaba

Naru is Aiga’s little sister. Naru is very supportive of Aiga. Naru even helped Aiga make Z Achilles.




  • Aiga is the first Beyblade protagonist who uses a Balance-Type Bey, thus making him the first protagonist not to use an Attack-Type Bey.
  • Much like Valt Aoi, Aiga is really good at socializing, as he tried to befriend the Rebel and Beigoma Bey Club members.
  • Valt and Rantaro's good friendship could be similar to Aiga and Ranjiro's.