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Andrew (originally: Akira) is a character in the original series of the anime, Beyblade. He is a friend of Tyson Granger.



Andrew is very tall and has abnormally big lips. He is seen wearing blue basketball pants, a purple basketball jersey and a green wristband, which obviously suggests he plays basketball. Andrew also has a blond streak of hair in the front with dark brown hair in the back; Aaron remarks that this hairstyle looks like a leaf.


Andrew is Tyson's friend. They are both around the same age and live in the same neighbourhood. Andrew is relatively well respected there, meaning he has probably won many battles. Despite this he is defeated by Carlos, a member of Blade Sharks, and has his Beyblade stolen. Learning this, Tyson challenged Carlos to a beybattle and defeated him, thereby regaining all the Beyblades Carlos had taken away.

After Tyson loses his first battle with Kai, Andrew attempts to console him and suggests that Tyson build a better Beyblade and gain a strategy. He then accompanies Tyson on his mission to rescue Kenny from the Blade Sharks.

The remainder of his appearances are cameos, in which he is seen still in Japan while Tyson travels the world with the Bladebreakers.

He only appears in the first season of the anime.



  • The name Akira means "intelligent" in Japanese, Andrew is Greek for "manly".
  • Andrew's chin resembles Cenotaph's.

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