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Ariel is a Bit-Beast in the Beyblade anime.


Ariel is a ram-like Bit-Beast that is owned by King. It is the twin of Queen's Bit-Beast Gabriel.


Beyblade: V-Force

Ariel first appears in the episode Fortunes Dear and Dire, when King and Queen who happened to be watching Kai's training session, applauded his efforts. King then challenges Kai to a BeyBattle and it is here, his bit-beast is revealed. Ariel proved to be formidable however until Dranzer began to gradually overpower it, leading to Queen intervening with her bit-beast Gabriel. The two overwhelm Dranzer, thus destroying Kai's blade.

Ariel appears again in Kai's Royal Flush, however only the Beyblade is seen and it dislpays massive crushing power when it shreds around the bark of a nearby tree, layer by layer until the tree is cut in half.

Ariel then appears in Black and White Evil Powers. The duo ambush Kane and Jim training at the beach and initiates a beybattle to which the latters nonchalantly turn down opting to ignore the twins. Refusing to be ignored, King and Queen unleashed their bit-beasts upon Kane and Jim's, though the rest of the beybattle is left unseen. It is later revealed the King and his sister were indeed the victors of the battle.

When King and Queen go up against Mariam and Joseph, King intervenes with his bit-beast after impatiently watching Queen attempting to best Mariam, which also leads to Joseph intervening with his Vanishing Moot to "even out the odds" in the battle. Even with two against two, the duo proved formidable against Mariam, whose Sharkrash was defeated with a double attack and Joseph whose Vanishing Moot took a heavy beating from the two bit-beasts continually goring it with their horns before disappearing, defeated.

In Deceit from Above, King and Queen go up against Max and Tyson. Gabriel is defeated by Max's Draciel, leaving King to face Tyson alone. Dr K attempts to capture Dragoon by herself by firing a particle beam upon Tyson's blade, however the two boys thwart her efforts by having, Ariel, given a boost by Dragoon, leap up to the ceiling where Dr K was and knock her down. Ariel is later defeated by Tyson.


  • The name is very similar to Aries, a Metal Saga Beyblade, but just without one letter.


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