Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G-Revolution Original Soundtrack Special Edition is the original soundtrack for Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G-Revolution.


  1. Go Ahead (TV Size ~ Special Version)
  2. Takao's Theme
  3. Kai's Theme
  4. Rei's Theme
  5. Max's Theme
  6. Kyouju's Theme
  7. Daichi's Theme
  8. Hiromi's Theme
  9. Hurricane Jin Appears!
  10. Friends ~BBA’s Theme~
  11. To the World Tournament!!
  12. Tension
  13. Tension II
  14. Oh Yes!! (TV Size)
  15. Takao's Theme II
  16. Kai's Theme II
  17. Rei's Theme II
  18. Max's Theme II
  19. Jin's Theme
  20. Kaze no Fuku Basho (TV Size)
  21. Battle G Revolution
  22. Battle G Revolution II
  23. Battle G Revolution III
  24. Battle G Revolution IV
  25. Barthez Soldier
  26. Identified (TV Size)
  27. Spirit of Bladers
  28. Spirit of Bladers II
  29. Spirit of Bladers III
  30. Theme of Attack
  31. Climax PART 1
  32. Climax PART 2
  33. Preview BGM
  34. Sign of Wish (TV Size)
  35. DANCIN’ BATTLE ~Ming Ming’s Theme~
  36. Hard Hit! Hard Battle!!
  37. Victoria
  39. Data Track

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