Balance is a type that finds a "balance" between all three types. Some are a balance of two types which could benefit its performance, such as a combination of Defense and Attack, Stamina and Defense, or many other combinations that are grouped in your preferred type. The flaw in this is that if they are well rounded in every type, they don't have a strong suit to counter any other specific type. This can be exploited by countering a Balance type with Stamina and other Balance-type beys. Balance-type Beyblades include Dark Bull H145SD , Evil Befall UW145EWD, Dark Gasher CH120FSEarth Eagle 145WD, Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF,Thermal Lacerta WA130HF, and Rock Aries ED145B.As stated above, Stamina-types are the best bet on beating Balance-types in most cases, because this particular group tends to not have attack-oriented Performance Tips and Fusion Wheels. Therefore, they will tend to not be aggressive attackers that will try to upset a Stamina-type's stability.

Some good balance combos include:

  • MF/MF-F Death Wolf/Bull/Aquario TH170CS/RDF/WD
  • MF-H Hades Kerbecs/Bull BD145CS (Boost Mode)
  • MF-F Hades Bull TR145RS
  • MF-H Death Bull D125/CH120 CS/WD
  • MF-F Death Bull/Wolf B:D
  • Blitz Orion BD145EDS
  • MF-L Death Orion W145CS

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