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Bao is a character that appears in the anime and manga series, Beyblade: Metal Fury

Biographical information
Aliases The Crimson Flash
Gender Male
Current Beyblade(s) Hades Crown 130FB
Friends Aguma
Rivals Masamune Kadoya and Nile
Enemies pluto ,Beylin Temple(Former) and Legendary Bladers(Formers)
Occupation(s) Beylin Fist Blader, Former Nemesis Blader
Behind the scenes
First anime appearance The Crimson Flash
Seiyū Takuma Terashima
English voice actor Peter Cugno

He is a decendent of the Beylin Fist and partners with the Legendary Blader; Aguma. He battles swiftly and deviously with his Beyblade; Hades Crown 130FB.He is always trying to beat beylin temple.

Physical Appearance

Bao is a tall,skinny and young man with red hair that drapes below his shoulders and piercing golden brown eyes. He is a decendent of the Beylin Fist and wears a partially modified verison of their robes. He wears a brown coat like Agumas with a fur  collar thats buttoned and includes a kilt that extends to his upper thighs. He orignally also wore a hooded robe that covered most of his face. 


Bao is a vengeful type person who plans to take back the world that was taken from his ancestors in the Beylin Fist. He has a strong grudge against the Beylin Temple; attacking exiled members whenever he's faced with the chance. He also took up Johannes offer to become a Nemesis blader to gain power so that he could gain his vengeance. 

Beyblade: Metal Fury

Vengeance of the Beylin Fist

Return of the Beylin Fist

Decendents of the Beylin Fist return

Bao is the descendant of the Beylin Fist; a group of Bladers who tried to secede from the main school at the Beylin Temple but failed. They were exiled and passed down their lineage of hate down to Bao, his friend Aguma and many other henchmen of theirs.

While training for the events to come where the Beylin Fist would have their revenge, Aguma and Bao were struck by an ancient power known as the star fragment. This blessing would grant one of them the power of a Legendary Blader. 

In order to enact revenge, Bao began attacking other exiled bladers of the Beylin Temple and eventually entered the ToRyumon tag team tournament with Aguma. Bao and Aguma dominated the first round and moved on to the second where they revealed themselves to being decendents of the Beylin Fist to Dashan; Beylin Temples' Leader. Bao claimed that Beylin Fist would showcase their strength by winning the tournament. 

The two then watched as Dashan and Chi-yun of the Beylin Temple were ultimatley defeated by the Legendary Bladers; Gingka Hagane and Yuki Mizusawa. Bao was dissappointed in their defeat, being unable to defeat them himself but would look forward to battling a strong blader like Kyoya in the Semi-Final. 

As the match began, Kyoya wanted to isolate Bao, believing that he was the Legendary Blader of the two. Bao battle back by using his infamous Flash Attack but is easily stopped by Kyoya who nearly defeats Bao. Aguma decides to reveal his strength and use his special move to defeat Kyoya and Benkei simultaniously, saving Bao and revealing himself to be the actual Legendary Blader. 


Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Outcome
Beylin Temple Exiles Win
ToRyumon Round 1 Bladers Win
ToRyumon Round 2 Bladers Win
Kyoya Tategami & Benkei Hanawa (Tag w/Aguma) Win

Gingka Hagane & Yuki Mizusawa (Tag w/Aguma)


Masamune Kadoya



  • Hades Crown 130FB: Bao's Primary Beyblade in Beyblade: Metal Fury. It is a powerful balance type beyblade with great attack power that is known for releasing a Crimson Flash when it attacks, hense Bao's nickname. It is an incredibly fast beyblade that releases its power in the form of a bright aura instantaniously to take its opponent off guard and finish them quickly. 

Special Moves

  • Flash Attack: Hades Crown rushes at its opponent, gaining power with speed and on contact it releases the strength gained by the momentum into a giant explosion of light known as the Crimson Flash. 


  • He makes an appearance at Beylin Temple along side Aguma in Beyblade Zero G.
  • Bao means 'precious' in Chinese.

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