The parts of the Basic System.

The Basic System (Japanese: ベーシックシステム, Beeshikku shisutemu) was the first Beyblade System to be introduced that was based on the four and five-layered Beyblades of the Plastic Generation, a term used to describe the Beyblades prior to the advent of the Hard Metal System.

The Basic System was utilized for all three toylines and seasons of the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade 2000, Beyblade: V-Force and Beyblade: G-Revolution. They would soon be succeeded by HMS, the Hard Metal System.


Bit Chip

  • Japanese: ビットのチップ
  • Romaji: Bitto no chippu

The Bit Chip was a small plate that sat at the top of the Attack Ring. While Bit Chips were optional for the most part, it would usually come with decals that could be placed on it of it for aesthetic purposes. These stickers would usually portray a Bit-Beast from the anime, Original Series and thus, determine character. Interestingly in the anime, the souls of Bit-Beasts were housed in the Beyblade as well.

Attack Ring

  • Japanese: アタックリング
  • Romaji: Atakku ringu

The Attack Ring was what would provide the Beyblade with its main contact points. Attack Rings were usually pieces with various spikes, protrusions, and designs that would fit in with the Type it used; Attack, Defense, or Endurance; as well as being designed in a manner that resembled the Beyblade's motif. It also held the Bit Chip into place.

Weight Disk

  • Japanese: ウエートディスク
  • Romaji: Ueeto deisuku

The Weight Disk was the only, metal part of the Beyblade, as every other part in the Basic System was made of plastic, this was specifically made of iron. As its name suggests, the Weight Disk provided the Blade with most of its weight in order to maintain hard and heavy hits and stability.

Spin Gear

  • Japanese: スピンギア
  • Romaji: Supin gya

The Spin Gear was a small gear-like part that functioned to determine the spin-direction of its Beyblade, either Right-Spin (clockwise) or Left-Spin (counter-clockwise). Different variants were released throughout that featured "weights", bearings and even an "engine" inside the Spin Gear. They were located below the Weight Disk and held the Blade Base in place.

Blade Base

  • Japanese: ブレードベース
  • Romaji: Bureedo beesu

The Blade Base was what provided the Beyblade with its traction. They would either be constructed of plastic or metal, and would come in a wide array of shapes and sizes that affected how it moved and performed. These were placed beneath the Blade, and were attached to the Spin Gear.

There were other parts included with the Basic System as well, such as the Spin Gear: a part that could be attached to the Blade Base and Sub-Attack Rings: variations of Attack Rings which were customizable and interchangeable which would be placed on the Attack Ring for further customization and strength.

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