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Believe is the Japanese ending theme to the Beyblade Burst series. It debuted alongside the first episode of the season, Let's Go! My Partner, Valtryek!!. It is performed by Shiklamen, and had a digital single release worldwide on April 1, 2016.



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English Translation

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With huge hopes piled on our backs,
The train set off towards the future
Holding the ticket to my dreams close,
I move forward, without a doubt in my mind
These long, endless, never-ending rails
Where you get off is up to you
Chase it, chase it
I believe that I'll get there some day
Run, keep running, run far
Get past the countless tears
so we can be stronger
Some day we'll get glory, so until then
Turn your dreams into reality
Our endless adventure continues

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  • This theme marks the first time a Japanese Beyblade theme has been released outside of Japan, being released on iTunes Stores worldwide.



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