• Before having its parts confirmed as SR200BWD, it was thought to use "N230SWD".
  • Berserker Begirados suffers from the same problem as Bandid Goreim DF145BS in terms of their warrior relations in that, the weapon appearing on the box for Begirados is a flail, yet there was no recorded evidence of Berserkers wielding these, they were known instead to use axes and spears.
    • A similar issue is that Begirados' beast drastically differs between the anime and manga. In the manga, it is in the form of a gigantic, quadrupedal monster with respective armour, horns and a demeaning appearance along with a flail dangling from its open jaw. While in the anime, it is of a titan-sized Nordic Berserker using a flail.
  • The Begirados/Behemoth wheel is the second biggest Chrome wheel, the first being Bahamdia/Bahamut.
    • Coincidentally, Bahamut is the successor to Behemoth in the manga.
  • After Kira threw away Behemoth, Yoshio made a Reverse-Synchrome Beyblade called Behemoth-Golem DF145BS, where as its original was Golem-Behemoth SR200BWD.


Berserker Begirados is based on the mythical Behemoth, a biblical elephant-like beast of terrain who was the counterpart of the sea-dwelling Leviathan. It, however is also a disambiguated term normally referring to any monster of a tremendous size; general depictions of it are shown as four-footed with a menacing profile.

Begirados may also draw inspiration from the "Pegira,"[1] a fictional monster from the popular television franchise, "Ultraman." In the series, Pegira is a two-winged dragon with horns that is often depicted as an enemy or adversary of the main protagonist, Ultraman. While Ultraman in question, is a heroic superhero who defends Earth from Kaiju, giant monsters. Ultraman retains an extremely high popularity in its native home of Japan, complete with a loyal fanbase and such.

Name origin

Be-gira-dos may be a modified form of Pegira and also derives from Behemoth.

Berserker refers to the mythological Berserker or berserks of Old Norse literature. In these stories, Berserkers are told to be Norse warriors who fought wearing nothing but animal pelts, in an enraged, trance-like state of fury, with hardly any regard for their life. Due to this, they are believed to have given rise to the meaning of the English word, "berserk."


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