First promotional art.

BeyRaiderz (formerly titled BeyRaiderz Shogun) is a Beyblade spin-off produced by Nelvana and d-rights. Similar to the Beyblade: Extreme Top System, BeyWheelz, BeyWarriors and BeyWarriors Cyborg, it will be Hasbro-exclusive[1]. It already launched a toyline with a television adaptation consisting of 13 half-hour episodes[2] accompanying it. It will center around "vehicle based" Beyblades.




On May 17, 2013 it was revealed during the Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2013 in Nelvana's booth concerning Beyblade's future. This announced two new spin-offs: BeyRaiderz Shogun and BeyWarriors Cyborg, both due for 2014 releases. Accompanying the scoop was preview of the toyline reading as follows:

Spring 2014 sees even more next-level innovation with BeyRaiderz Shogun, a vehicle based battling system which revolutionizes the traditional Beyblade play pattern.

—Press release.

Soon after on June 11, 2013 Nelvana sent out a press release confirming BeyRaiderz Shogun to have 13 twenty-two minute episodes.

Later during October 2, 2013 the first promotional material for the series arrived in the form of Nelvana's official website. The image revealed its new name as simply BeyRaiderz, dropping "Shogun". Additionally, Sho Tenma, a BeyWheelz: Powered by Beyblade character was pictured launching a BeyRaider. This confirmed it to be a sequel to BeyWheelz both in toyline and anime form.


It will center around "vehicle based" Beyblades with a tentative release in spring 2014 internationally. The one seen on the promotional image resembles a motorcycle with coloring similar to Samurai Ifrit W145CF. It seems to house a spinning wheel very much like a BeyWheel to allow the BeyRaider to move.


Main article: BeyWarriors BeyRaiderz (anime)

During the course of BeyWheelz: Powered by Beyblade, it was revealed to contain two 13-episode seasons for a total of 26-episodes. While the first season concluded, the second season would later be revealed as BeyRaiderz. It will act as a continuation of BeyWheelz, featuring returning characters like Sho Tenma and new ones like Jimmy Cruise. Additionally, while it retains the same cast, it will focus on BeyRaiderz rather than BeyWheelz.


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