BWZ04 : The Wheeler of the Wilderness
BeyWheelz" series
BWZ06 : Judgment Bey Begins!
Race! The Beywheelz Grand Prix
Episode Number 5 (BWZ)
Arc BeyWheelz
Previous Episode The Wheeler of the Wilderness
Next Episode Judgment Bey Begins!
English August 25, 2012
Theme Music
Opening BeyWheelz
Episode Notes
Main Character Debuts None
Race! The Beywheelz Grand Prix is the fifth episode of the BeyWheelz series. It first aired on August 25, 2012 with Judgment Bey Begins! in the USA.


Sho and Jin search for strong Bladers in Das Vegas. First they stopped at the beach, as Sho feels the air of the beach and said he wants to swim. Then they heard about the Beyblade Grand Prix. They stop by there and see that Nicole and Marche won the tournament. Jin decides to leave cause seeing this is just a waste of time. As they leave Marche notices Jin and Sho leaving. While Sho and Jin walks away, Jin said that they are looking for bladers thet could join their team and not a bunch of baby's. Suddenly they into Nicole and Marche, who heard everything. Nicole said that they should apologize now. Jin ignores them and keep on walking. Suddenly Nicole and Marche challenge them to a battle and they accept and the showdown starts. The race is fierce but Sho and Jin win. Nicole and Marche then come along with them as new members.

Major Events



Special Moves

Featured BeyWheelz battles



BeyWheelz Episode 5- Race! The BeyWheelz Grand Prix22:20

BeyWheelz Episode 5- Race! The BeyWheelz Grand Prix

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