The Bey Ta 1 arcade machine is a Beyblade arcade game. It is an arcade game where players use a bey to battle against a Proto-Quetzalcoatl while using a Ripcord Launcher. It was only released in Japan.


There are 5 levels. Players have one minute to defeat the Proto-Quetzalcoatl while using their own beys. There is a slot where the player may insert their Beypointer. If the player wins, they receive BeyPoints however, if they lose, they lose BeyPoints. Also, if the player manages to beat the 5th level, they'll obtain the prize, Quetzalcoatl 90WF .

The shape of the Bey Ta 1's stadium closely resembles that of the Ultimate Bey Ta Stadium, which gives it its name.

Metal Fight Beyblade Bey Ta 1 Arcade Machine Demonstration02:58

Metal Fight Beyblade Bey Ta 1 Arcade Machine Demonstration


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