The courage in your heart will explode... and keep on spinning!

Metal Fight Beyblade! Passionate Blader!

—YUKI, singing Kokoro no Yuki

Beyblade: Metal Fury (original version: Metal Fight Beyblade 4D) is the sixth anime series of the Beyblade anime and the third season of the Metal Saga created by Takafumi Adachi. It is the sequel to the anime and manga series, It is preceded by Beyblade: Metal Masters (Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion/Baku).

Metal Fury was revealed through the March 2011 issue of CoroCoro, showcasing the new season along with its plot. As revealed from it, Fury was revealed to be based heavily on the then-new 4D Beyblade System. In which the Beyblade toys featured "Different Material", "Divided Wheels", "Dynamic Moves", and "Deep Custom". As evident by its Japanese name, 4D

The premise of this series is of the new 4D System created by Takara Tomy. Along with a new story, which involves the series' main protagonist, Gingka Hagane being discovered to be a Legendary Blader. Legendary Bladers are Bladers that have a piece of the Star Fragment enchanted in their Beys. They are the only people, who have the power to defeat the God of Destruction, Nemesis from ruling the world. Gingka and Co. will have to travel the world just like in Metal Masters to find the remaining Legendary Bladers and destroy Nemesis once and for all. As with all seasons of the Metal Saga, Fury is separated into various story arcs that are connected with each other.

Beyblade: Metal Fury aired on Sunday morning, April 3, 2011 in Japan at 8:30 A.M. on TV Tokyo. The English Dub premiered on August 19, 2012 in Singapore in Cartoon Network , in premiere October 13, 2012 in USA on Cartoon Network at 8am and Canada is premiere in January 26 at 11:30am in YTV. The English Dub also aired in the UK on July 5, 2013 on Nicktoons.

Metal Fight Beyblade 4D Official Logo

Japanese logo

Metal Fury is also the first Beyblade anime series, to be cut from 30 min. to 15 min. This started with its 27th episode, The Lion Going Into the Wilderness in which it shared its 8:30 timeslot with Cross Fight B-Daman. Now, Metal Fury airs at the 8:30 - 8:45 timslot, with Cross Fight B-Daman taking the rest. Nelvana is going to air ALL episodes of Metal Fury. But starting from episode 127 to the last episode of Metal Fury Nelvana will be putting 2 episodes into the 30 minute timslot which will add up to 39 episodes but airing all of the episodes.


Metal Fight Beyblade 4D Official Picture 1

Promotional poster

In the Cosmos, a strange phenomenon has occurred.

One day, Gingka and Co. help Yuki, a boy who is attacked by Johannes, a mysterious youth. Even though Yuki is a boy genius and an astronomer, he is a Blader who owns “Anubis”. Yuki says that he has come to tell Gingka and his friends about the voice of the Star Fragment. He witnessed the Star Fragment (a meteor) fall from the sky one day. That single light dwells within Anubis and he says that he heard the voice of the Star Fragment that evening. A great evil is trying to revive "The Black Sun” and "Nemesis", the God of Destruction, by using the unknown power of the Star Fragment and with that.... Gingka and Co.'s new adventure begins!!


Main Characters

Gingka and Co.

Image Character Voice actor Beyblade Represents
Ginga Gingka Hagane
(鋼 銀河 Hagane Ginga)

(Ja:) Aki Kanada

(En:) Rob Tinkler

Cosmic Pegasus F:D Season of Autumn
The main protagonist of Metal Fury. Recently discovered to be a Legendary Blader, now wielding the powerful, Cosmic Pegasus F:D , Gingka will have to travel the world with his friends to find the remaining Legendary Bladers and save the world from Nemesis.
Image Character Voice actor Beyblade Represents
Yuki Yuki Mizusawa
(水沢ユウキ Mizusawa Yuuki)

(Ja:) Mayuki Makiguchi

(En:) Taylor Abrahamse

Mercury Anubius 85XF Mercury
A young boy genius and an astronomer. Whilst wielding the mighty, Anubius as well as being the Legendary Blader representing Mercury, he will join in Gingka's quest for the Legendary Bladers.
Image Character Voice actor Beyblade Represents
Kyouya Kyoya Tategami
(盾神キョウヤ Tategami Kyouya)

(Ja:) Satoshi Hino

(En:) Peter Cugno

Fang Leone 130W²D Season of Spring
Rejoining Gingka and Co. after his departure for Team Wild Fang in the World Beyblade Championship, Kyoya comes back with a new Bey, Fang Leone 130W²D and is a Legendary Blader as well. As Gingka's ultimate rival, he'll do what it takes to stop Nemesis once and for all.
Image Character Voice actor Beyblade Represents
Madoka4D Madoka Amano
(天野まどか Amano Madoka)

(Ja:) Kei Shindou

(En:) Barbara Mamabolo

None; does not Beyblade, but possibly Mad Gasher.||None

Madoka returns with an updated design. She is still the teams mechanic, always giving tips to Gingka and her friends in battle, and analyzing Beys via her BeyComputer to get a closer look at them and discover their strong points and/or weaknesses.
Image Character Voice actor Beyblade Represents
Benkei Benkei Hanawa
Hanawa Benkei)

(Ja:) Kenta Miyake

(En:) Jason Deline

Dark Bull H145SD None
Returning once more to help Gingka and Co. as well as his idol Kyoya, is none other than Benkei. He may not be the strongest Blader, but in battle with his Dark Bull H145SD, if someone messes with his bull, they'll get the horns!

Ryuga and Kenta

Image Character Voice actor Beyblade Represents
Ryuga4D Ryuga
(竜牙 Ryuuga)

(Ja:) Kenjiro Tsuda

(En:) Carman Melville

L-Drago Destructor F:S Season of Summer (Replaced by Kenta)
Gingka's ultimate rival is back and more powerful than ever! With his new L-Drago Destructor F:S, his new acquaintance, Kenta, and now being a Legendary Blader; this makes Ryuga a triple-threat and ready to take on Nemesis, whatever it takes!
FileKenta4D Kenta Yumiya
( 湯宮ケンタ Yumiya Kenta)

(Ja:) Emiri Katou

(En:) Lisette St. Louis

Flash Sagittario 230WD Season of Summer
With an updated design and now following Ryuga, He gets a new Bey and replaces Ryuga as Legendary Blader. Kenta and the 9 remaining Legend Bladers combined all their powers into Pegasus to fight against Nemesis in the last 2 episodes of Metal Fury.


Image Character Voice actor Beyblade Represents
Nemesis Nemesis
( ネメシス Nemesis)
Diablo Nemesis X:D None
After being trapped in eternal darkness, the "God of Destruction" has risen from his slumber and only wishes to take control of the world as his own and dominate, but the only people standing in his way, are none other than the Legendary Bladers!
Rago 2 Rago
Diablo Nemesis X:D (En:) Andrew Jackson
Rago is the evil and vile, "Child of Nemesis", the Legendary Blader who is the one and only Blader, who is worthy of controlling, containing, and to be Nemesis' owner. Also being Nemesis' keeper, Rago will do anything to dominate the world, and take down anyone in his way.
Tv1324164804709 Pluto
(ブラックサン Pluto)
Fusion Hades AD145SWD None
A servant and follower of Nemesis, he was the one who commanded Johannes to attack Yuki in order to discover his Legendary Blader status. Armed with his ruthless, Fusion Hades AD145SWD, Pluto will do everything he can to make sure Nemesis' plan goes through.
Johannes2 Johannes
(ヨハネス Johannes)
Ja:) Isshin Chiba(

(En:) Amos Crawley

Beat Lynx TH170WD None
A mysterious youth who attacked Yuki in order to gather information about the Legendary Bladers. Also an affiliate of Pluto who is attempting to gather all Legendary Bladers to revive Nemesis. He battles with his Beat Lynx TH170WD.
AgumaHoldingScytheKronos2 Aguma
(あぐま Aguma)
(Ja:) Susumu Chiba

(En:) Jeff Nimoy

Scythe Kronos T125EDS Saturn
Aguma is the Solar System Blader that represents Saturn. He is a powerful and mighty Blader who is often with Bao and Blades with Scythe Kronos T125EDS.
Bao7 Bao
(バオ Bao)
Hades Crown 130FB None
Bao is Aguma's partner who can be considered a pseudo-Legendary Blader as he was hit by a Star Fragment but is not a true Legendary Blader. He Beyblades with his Hell Crown 130FB .
Chris 1 Chris
(クリス Chris)
Phantom Orion B:D Season of Winter
Chris is one of the Bladers of the Four Seasons that represents Winter. A powerful Blader with a dark attitude, who once joined Johannes' Gang and Blades with Phantom Orion B:D.
Daidoujiepisode140 Doji
(大道寺 Daidouji)

(En:) Andrew Jackson || None|| None

Doji reappears from the Metal Fusion Saga to side with the Nemesis Bladers.


The Star Fragment: The meteor that created the original Pegasus and L-Drago had another meteor fall from the sky. A single light of it dwells inside of Yuki's Beyblade, Anubius and its unknown power could be used to revive the Black Sun and Nemesis.


Main article: List of Beyblade: Metal Fury episodes

DVD release

See:List of Metal Fight Beyblade 4D DVDs

Unlike its past seasons, Warner Home Video owns the DVD rights instead of Sony Pictures Entertainment, thus each volume of 4D contains two episodes. Once it reaches The Lion Going into the Wilderness, the 15 minute format for those episodes in the TV version changes back into a 30 minute format for the DVD version. This is confirmed on the back of DVD Volume 14.


Japanese opening theme 1: Kokoro no Yuki

  • Performer: YU+KI
  • Episodes: 2-52

Japanese opening theme 1: Destiny

  • Performer: YCHRO
  • Episodes: 1-52

English Opening Theme 1: Beyblade: Metal Saga Theme Song

  • Episodes: Entire Series

Metal Fight Beyblade 4D (manga)

After the epic battle against Damian and the victory of the Big Bang Bladers world championship, Ginga Hagane, the #1 Blader in the World is revealed to be a Legendary Blader and must enter the new "Ultimate Bladers" tournament and gather the remaining nine Legendary Bladers who are competing, in order to stop the ultimate evil, Nemesis from awakening to destroy the world. See also: Metal Fight Beyblade 4D chapter listing


thumb|left|400px|Nelvana English Dub Teaser

thumb|left|402px|Beyblade: Metal Fury English Opening

Hasbro Metal Fury/Shogun Steel Beyblade controversy

Before Hasbro released the Hyperblades, Hasbro released beyblades that couldn't change modes, had wrong parts, had hollowed fusion wheels, and no stickers. Hasbro was notorious for this for a few months until fans decided to boycott Hasbro's beyblades until they released beyblades that were the same as their Takara Tomy counterparts. Hasbro decided to release the beyblades that could change modes, and released them under the name Hyperblades. The Hyperblades still didn't include stickers unlike Takara Tomy and even carried on this tradition with the Shogun Steel and Beyblade Legends brand due to stickers being a choking hazard. Although Hasbro realesed the "Hyperblades", Hasbro still released beyblades that couldn't change modes and even released the previous beyblades under Spark FX beyblades such as Beat Lynx and Proto Nemesis. Hasbro possibly released these beyblades because they didn't want to confuse the children with the 4D system and the "extra parts". When Hasbro released the Shogun Steel beyblade, they released the beyblades with cross-shaped stone faces and even recoulored some of the beyblades such as Kraken, Zirago, Dragoon, Pegasus, Behemoth, Phoenix, Orochi, and Bahamoote. Hasbro also has not released metal stone faces and instead released the beyblades Salamander, Orochi, Golem, and Griffin with the regular cross-shaped stone faces to accomodate with the rest of the Shogun Steel beyblades. Hasbro has not released Wyvern and Balro. The only beyblades from the Shogun Steel that were released with stickers are Ifrit and Salamander, but only when bought with the Cyclone stadium. Although Hasbro has done this, the beyblades can be seen as collectibles, but with no real competitive use.


  • Beyblade: Metal Fury is based off a lot of Greek Mythology.
  • In Metal Fury, before/after the commercial break, a brief image shows ten shooting stars, representing the ten Legendary Bladers.


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