4D051 : A Ray of Hope (Part 1)
Metal Fury series
SSE01 : A New Age Arrives!

A Ray of Hope Part 2 (未来へ!, Mirai e; To the Future) is the fifty-second and final episode of Beyblade: Metal Fury.


It is in the climax of the last battle. Gingka with his Cosmic Pegasus against the over-powered Nemesis. Gingka continues with attacks as he attempts to knock out Diablo Nemesis with all he can in his might, willpower, and wit.

Rago while inside of Nemesis is not fond as Nemesis keeps continuing to attack as still, everyone around the globe is watching, but there seems to be no use in this. With Nemesis' Dark Star Beast, it may seem to be the end of Gingka, Pegasus, and the fate of humanity.

Gingka does not care and instead commands Pegasus. He rides on his Pegasus Star Beast as they fly into outer space, with which, they disappear for a moment. When at that moment, Cosmic Pegasus' motif appears big and flashes, signifying a Special Move.

Gingka and Cosmic Pegasus as Pegasus glides down toward Earth, in a Special Move reminiscent of their first: Pegasus Starblast Attack. They, with Pegasus' golden aura, strike Nemesis into its chest, as Cosmic Pegasus is in close combat with Diablo Nemesis.

Gingka gives it his all, as he knows that if he loses right now, all is lost in this world and for everything else. He can only survive this battle by his friends, family, ideals, and for his wanting of a better future for his friends, family, and the ultimate fate of humanity. Gingka then unleashes the final strike.

Nemesis' Dark Star Beast appears to be getting weaker by the moment as the Black Sun gets destroyed. Pegasus pierces through Nemesis' chest, leaving a hole as Nemesis begins to lose power. Nemesis' dark power starts to burst away, with all of it disappearing against Nemesis' will. Rago himself, even shows his pain and agony as he cannot do anything now. .

Nemesis falls he along with Rago and Pluto vanquish with no trace left behind at all. The dark clouds that took place during the battle leave, as a sun-light returns.

Everyone is left watching, wondering what happens to Gingka and Pegasus. It is then where Cosmic Pegasus is spinning, albeit almost losing spin. Gingka is alone watching, with scars left throughout his body. Cosmic Pegasus ends its spin and stops, where Gingka simultaneously collapses onto the ground.

Gingka's friends dash at him, being afraid if Gingka is deceased. They then find Gingka but see Gingka is awoken in which they relief; Gingka then asks if Nemesis is gone. They tell him Nemesis is, away from the world to never come back, as Gingka is delighted. His friends are as well, as they reconcile with one-another.

Gingka however, gives thanks to a very special friend he met since his adventure starter. This friend, Ryuga, who Gingka is very thankful for. Though Ryuga is deceased, Gingka knows that Ryuga gave it his all for Gingka and he couldn't have done it any other way. Even though Ryuga is deceased, Gingka knows that Ryuga is thankful and is happy to have done what he had done.

As time passes, multiple things occur. The Legendary Blader's resume their original roles such as Dunamis as The Guardian of Mist Mountain, Gingka obtains a golden trophy for saving the world, among many other things. With when, Gingka and Kyoya are in a BeyStadium, with their friends there as well.

Gingka and Kyoya later, decide to have a battle as they bring out their Beys, Cosmic Pegasus and Fang Leone, respectively. They prepare and yell the legendary chant, "3... 2... 1... Go Shoot!".

At the end of the chant, Gingka jumps high up, to in a background of outer space. As he launches Cosmic Pegasus with all his fury, thus the conclusion of the Metal Fury.

Major Events

  • Gingka defeats and seals Nemesis away once again.
  • Kyoya and Gingka begin their long-awaited battle.
  • Gingka's Anime Storyline ends in preparation for a new character.



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