ZG009 : The Crimson Challenger
Shogun Steel series
ZG011 : The Hawk Has Landed
The Power of Bonds
Kanji 絆の力
Romaji Shasai no pawā
Episode Number 10 (ZG), 164 (MF)
Arc A New Era
Previous Episode The Crimson Challenger
Next Episode The Hawk Has Landed
Debut Airdate(s)
Japanese June 10, 2012
Theme Music
Opening Zero-G Bey! Go!
Ending Looking Up Smiling (We Go!)
Episode Notes
Featured Bey Saramanda Ifraid W145CF
Main Character Debuts N/A

The Power of Bonds (絆の力, Shasai no pawā) is the tenth episode of the Beyblade: Shogun Steel season and the 164th episode of Metal Saga. It aired in Japan on June 10, 2012.


Zyro and Ren launch their beys and Thief Phoenix starts copying Samurai Ifrit's moves. Ren uses Zyro special move and sends Ifraid flying, but Zyro stops it from landing out of the stadium. Zyro tries to attack Phoenix, but its spin track stops it from getting attack. She uses Zyro's move again and Samurai Ifraid is getting pulled in again. Zyro tells Shinobu that he can only be his Synchrom partner because he helped master Ifraid's move and lose until he is partner. Ifrit dodges Phoenix and Zyro uses his special move, Burning Upper, sending Thief Phoenix out of the stadium. Benkei tells Shinobu to stop worrying about worthless things and focus on his dream if he want to surpass the Legendary Bladers. Shinobu asks Maru to contact the Unabara brothers for a rematch. They accepted the battle and arrive at the Bey Park. They perform a Synchrom again and Zyro performs one with Shinobu creating a new bey: Salamander Ifrit. They launch their beys and Salamander Ifrit starts pushing back Orochi Leviathon. Kite starts getting angry because he any data the bey and sends Orochi Leviathon into the middle of the stadium. Zyro makes Salamander Ifrit spin around the stadium and Kite uses his special move, Spiral Crush. Salamander Ifrit gets pulled into special move, but Zyro powers up Salamander Ifrit and cancels out Kite special move. Salamander Ifrit spins around stadium fast and Orochi Leviathon is getting pulled into it. Zyro creates a new Synchrom special move, Super Burning Upper, and sends Orochi Leviathon out of the stadium. Zyro thanks Shinobu and Salamander for their help and Kite gets angry for not having enough data to win. He tells Zyro they will win next time and Zyro tells they battle anytime they want without penalty games and build a new era together. Ren becomes interested as well in building a new era.

Major Events

  • Zyro defeats Ren.
  • Zyro and Shinobu have a Synchrom Rematch against Eight and Kite, and win.
  • Eight, Kite, and Ren join the group.





Featured Beybattles

Continued from Previous Episode

New Battles

Special Moves used




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