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Beyblade (爆転シュート ベイブレード Bakuten Shūto Beiburēdo 2000) is the first anime of the Original Series. The story follows the Bladebreakers (original version: BBA Team) to achieve their aim of becoming World Beyblade Champions.

The series spans 51 episodes and is divided into multiple story arcs. The anime was dubbed by Nelvana. Fans heavily disliked the Americanized dub because of its heavy cuts. Original names where changed, as well as music and some scenes were edited or deleted all together. The addition of "Dizzi" the computer was also a particular sore spot for fans.

The season was then followed by an all new season called Beyblade: V-Force, where the characters received major changes.

Beyblading Teams


Promotional image featuring the Bladebreakers

  • Bladebreakers - The main team representing Japan. It consists of Tyson, Kai, Max, and Ray. Including Kenny as a supporting member who builds and fixes their blades. Their team is very strong and they never give up in fights.
  • White Tigers = (known as White Tiger X in the 3rd season) - The team representing China and Ray's former team consisting of Lee, Mariah, Kevin, and Gary. They are four nekojin from the same rural clan (in the manga the clan's village is called Fang). The team holds a grudge against Ray because they feel he has betrayed them. The team is captained by Ray's former best friend, Lee until the third season when Ray returns and retakes his position as team leader. In the manga he later marries and has a daughter named Rin with the teams only female member, Mariah.
  • All Starz - (Season 3 Name: PPB All Starz) - The top American Beyblade team. They are coached by Max's mom, Judy. The All Starz consist of Eddy, Emily, Michael, Steven and Rick (third season). The team utilizes their amazing athletic abilities in battle. Their team captain is Michael. In G-Rev, Max joins this team along with his new teammate Rick to fill the tag team spots for the World Championship.
  • Dark Bladers - Four evil bladers put under a curse when all four were defeated by the team members of the Majestics. They were also defeated by the Bladebreakers twice.
  • Majestics - (Make 1 cameo appearance in Season 3, but Robert and Johnny appear more) - A team of rich European bladers that encounters the Bladebreakers (Team BBA) as they train themselves for the World Championships in Season 1. Their team captain is Robert, the other members are Johnny, Oliver, and Enrique. In G-Rev, the Majestics are the first to fall prey to the Barthez Soldiers'/Battalion's dirty tricks, losing their spot as the European representative for the World Championship.
  • Demolition Boys - (Blitzkrieg Boys in Season 3) - The elite of the "Beyblade soldiers" trained for Kai's grandfather, Voltaire, under the direction of Boris Balkov and captained by Tala. The Demolition Boys are run by the BIOVOLT corpation who try to use beyblades and Bit beasts to take over the world. The other members are Ian (1st season only) Bryan and Spencer. For a brief time, Kai joins the team. This team is the final challenge that the Bladebreakers (Team BBA) face in the first season at the World Championships. After their loss in Season 1, the team learns that they are being used and leave their coach with a grudge. In the second season's manga, Tala's blade, Wolborg, was mentioned as stolen by the duo King and Queen. In G-Rev, Kai joins up with Tala to tag-team in the World Championship. The team makes it to the finals, where they lose the World Champion title to team BBA. Neoborg was the first to rebel against BEGA by challenging one of the team's bladers; Garland. Tala is hurt so badly during the battle he slips into a coma, ending Neoborg's advances towards BEGA.


  • Volume 1 - Let It Rip! (Episodes 1-6)
  • Volume 2 - Bladebreakers (Episodes 7-11)
  • Volume 3 - Hidden Tiger (Episodes 12-16)
  • Volume 4 - Topsy Turvy (Episodes 17-21)
  • Volume 5 - Grudge Match (Episodes 22-26)
  • Volume 6 - American Showdown (Episodes 27-31)
  • Volume 7 - Euroblade Battle (Episodes 32-36)
  • Volume 8 - Majestic Match (Episodes 37-41)
  • Volume 9 - Russian Challenges (Episodes 42-46)
  • Volume 10 - World Championships (Episodes 47-51)

Opening/Closing Songs


  • "Fighting Spirits - Song for Beyblade" - system-B (Opening Theme)
  • "Cheer Song" - system-B (Closing Theme)


  • "Let's Beyblade" - Sick Kid featuring Lukas Rossi (Opening Theme)

Insert Songs


  • "All Across The Nation" - The Black Europeans
  • "Never Gonna Take Me Down" - Anthony Vanderburgh
  • "Let's Go Bladebreakers" - Krystal Band
  • "Swing Low, Let It Rip" - Jason Dean
  • "Heavyweight Generation Beyblade (Round After Round)"- (unknown artist)
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