Darkness at the End of the Tunnel... (強襲! 闇のブレーダー!, Assault! The Dark Bladers!) is the thirty-second episode of Beyblade: 2000.


After their train is mysteriously hijacked, the kids find themselves in the dark recesses of a tunnel. This is where the Bladebreakers meet a foursome of zombie-like ghouls, the Dark Bladers. Cenotaph grabs Kenny and his three team mates challenge the Bladebreakers for a fight in order to release Kenny. However, if they lose, they'll have their bit beasts captured.

Max and Tyson face off against Sanguinex and Lupinex, respectively a vampire and a werewolf. By making an "X" sign with their Beyblades, they manage to beat Sanguinex, since vampires are scared of crosses. Ray then joins in with a silver coin attached to his Beyblade in order to unleash a silver-version of Driger that weakens Lupinex's blade.

When Cenotaph and Zomb are just about to start their rounds, an ambulance arrives, forcing the Dark Bladers to flee.

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  • Silver dollars are not actually full silver, they contain approx. 50% silver in modern forms, the rest is lead. There have been periods where they were 90% silver, but for most of their existence they have been less then 50% silver, usually ending up 40% silver. The amount of silver is mostly in relation tp the price of silver itself at the time of the print of the coin.