Olympia Challenge (結成!最強のユーロチーム, Formation! The Strongest Euro Team) is the thirty-eighth episode of Beyblade: 2000.


The Bladebreakers have made themselves at home at Robert's mansion, refusing to leave unless the Europeans agree to a final Beybattle. To teach his guests a lesson, Robert agrees to a match at his new stadium. But there's one condition: If the Bladebreakers lose, they have to forfeit their spot at the World Championship to them.

Robert hosts the three-round match at his newly built stadium and makes it the inaugural event, with an entire audience and even the presence of DJ Jazzman and TV narrators AJ Topper & Brad Best.

Introduced as the Majestics, the four Europeans send Oliver as the first challenger, with Ray as his opponent. They battle fiercely for the first round, but it ends in a tie.

Johnny and Kai then step up to the bowl, where they are expected to have their rematch.

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