This article is a Novelty Article. Its contents are in no way serious.


Beyblade Cakes are cakes either shaped like beys, have bey designs on them, have characters designs on them or are shaped like a character.

They tend to be very tasty since they are cakes, however, people who are either allergic to cakes, don't like cakes or simply hate Beyblade will say that it tastes horrible and will most likely try to destroy the cake. Try to avoid these people.

If someone succeeds in getting close enough to the cake and desires to destroy it, follow these guidelines:

  1. Put the cake down gently on a table or solid surface.
  2. Grab a Launcher and a Beyblade. (Zero-G Light Launcher and Variares D:D are preferable.)
  3. Launch the Bey at the other person as hard as you can.
  4. With any luck, they will back off and opt not to destroy your cake.

(Please Note: Beyblade Wiki does not take responsibility for any injuries sustained by anyone during this procedure.)

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