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Black Dranzer is the Dark Phoenix companion of Kai Hiwatari. It is the Phoenix of Darkness. Its first appearance was in Beyblade when Kai sneaked into the abbey to find out the secret behind Biovolt, where Boris offers the Beyblade to Kai. It is said to be his perfection and his weakness.


It was was made by the legendary monk Rasputin who lived in the 19th century and was very close to Tzar's court circle. Rasputin used the Black Dranzer for war efforts, but failed to control the power from Black Dranzer several years ago. Boris Balkov found this Bit-Beast and decided to do testing on Black Dranzer through which he found that no one but Kai can control the beyblade. Kai claimed Black Dranzer's power when Boris offered it to him and used it to capture the Bit-Beasts of The All Starz and The White Tigers (except Kevin's Galman).  

Later Dranzer and Tyson (both feeling furious about being deserted) joined forces and beat Black Dranzer with the help of the three other Bit-Beast spirits of the Bladebreakers. Just when Kai lost, the iceberg on which he was standing started sinking, Tyson and the others saved him inspite of what Kai did to them. this made Kai feel guilty of what he did, and he decided to return back to Bladebreakers. Kai then returned Black Dranzer to Boris severely damaging the abbey in the process. Then it (beyblade not bit beast) was destroyed by The Demolition Boys in order for them to steal the Bit-Beasts it had captured. When Kai lost to Spencer, Black Dranzer's Bit-Beast was offered to Kai by his grandfather who told him that Spencer's Seaborg is no match for Black Dranzer and he accepted it, but didn't actually use it in his battle against Spencer. It was never seen again for the remainder of the series.


Black Dranzer will only materialize from his Bit-Chip when Kai calls for it. Similar to Kai's Dranzer, Black Dranzer likes to get rid of its adversaries very fast in a battle.

Special Moves

  • Flash Flame.
  • Fire Attack.
  • Flamethrower Attack.


Black Dranzer attacks Trygle


  • Black Dranzer is a male.
  • Black Dranzer is arguably the most powerful Bit Beast there is, having only lost because a battle of Kai's wavering, and the combined powers of Dragoon, Draciel, Driger, and Dranzer.
  • Black Dranzer is a perfect beyblade. Boris states that its capabilities are beyond anyone's comprehension and are derived from its blader. The Demolition Boys were only able to destroy it because no one was controlling it but its bit was spared. When Kai first used it as a child, it was so powerful, that it traumatized him into suppressing its memory for many years.
  • Black Dranzer was the only Bit Beast that Dragoon had failed to defeat in a beybalde battle, as Dragoon had been defeated and lost its spin, before Draciel and later Dranzer entered the battle, and used the powers of the defeated Dragoon and Driger to help defeat Black Dranzer.
  • Kai is the only Beyblader able to control Black Dranzer.
  • When Kai's grandfather gave him Black Dranzer to use again against Spencer, Kai decided not to use it. After which it was never seen again. It's possible that Kai returned it to his grandfather, kept it and stored it somewhere, or found a way to dispose of it.
  • In Japan, it was one of two "black" variants released, the other was a Black Dragoon. The Black Dragoon was never featured in any offical storyline and was a excusive release in Japan like Black Dranzer initally was with a particular stadium product. Eventually Black Dranzer was released in countries like the UK (be it with the incorrect normal Dranzer bit), the Black Dragoon was never released.
  • Black Dranzer's blade base is very similiar to D:D from Variaries.
  • Black Dranzer is the only different colored beyblade given to Kai, as all of Kai's beyblades were blue.

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