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If you wanna me to put you out of your misery I will.


Brooklyn (ブルックリン Brooklyn) is a character in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: G-Revolution. He is a member of the BEGA League. His Bit-Beast and Beyblade is Zeus.


Brooklyn is a young man with orange hair and aqua eyes. He wears a long white jacket with a black collar and accents on the shoulders, a gold border that runs in the middle and the bottom with matching buttons on both sides, plus a white belt in the middle. He wears this with matching pants, brown shows, and maroon fingerless gloves.


There are two sides to his personality. First, the calm and seemingly gentle and very kind side and then the psychotic and aggressive side.

Brooklyn being a fervent admirer of nature, he would rather spend all his time outside, lying in the grass and taking care of any bug or animal around him, than staying inside a building with next to no view of the environment, learning strategies or simply training. During this time, he has 'visions' of how an upcoming battle is going to end. For instance, he predicted how Mystel's fight against Max was going to happen, and therefore saw no reason to assist to such repetition.

Brooklyn's childhood reflected strongly in his personality. Because he always won, the other children did not want to play with him so he was often left alone- his genius isolating him.


The most important aspect to know about Brooklyn is that he is a natural beyblade genius. It is as if he was born with the required talent to beat any opponent he might have to face. All he needed was to be taught the basic moves, such as how to launch a beyblade correctly, which is perhaps the only thing Hiro, his trainer, might have taught him.

Brooklyn uses a very non-physical type of battle strategy at first.

Brooklyn is the strongest beyblader not only in the BEGA League, but possibly in the whole world, and is likely surpassed only by Tyson and Kai.


Beyblade: G-Revolution

Brooklyn appeared in the anime mostly out of nowhere. Perhaps was he found by some BEGA staff who saw a lot of potential in him and asked him to join; otherwise he does not seem like the type of blader spending his time blading for a team. He just showed up without any preparation, participated to the qualification matches and demonstrated to his opponent, Kai in this case, what amount of power he possesses.

After Kai had his revenge though, Brooklyn realized that he was not as good as he had thought he was and that his visions were useless. Kai had even made him sweat, something he never did in any previous battle; he would usually stay very calm and even smile at his opponent as if he found their struggle funny. After spending some days in a shocked trance, Hiro made him understand that he had to use his frustration against his next enemy instead of relying on sheer talent. Although he was reluctant, even scared, at first, that only caused Brooklyn to become mad and want to destroy whatever got in his way.

During Brooklyn's beyblade match with Tyson, because of Kai defeating him, he became insane. Brooklyn has always bladed using only his natural ability. Because that was good enough to win, he never put much energy into his matches. He realizes that, by using the combined powers of his emotions and abilities, he can have unimaginable power. Eventually, all his negative emotions reach their peak, especially his annoyance, frustration and sadness. These mix with the power of his Bit-Beast, Zeus, and using this darkness, he creates a black hole that proceeds to ravage and devour the entire world and everyone in it into his soul. Thus, he declares himself a god.

He only calms down once Tyson explains to him the true meaning of beyblading, using the power of the Bit-Beasts of all the teams who appeared in Beyblade: G-Revolution (G-Revolutions, PPB All Starz, White Tigers X, Blitzkrieg Boys, F-Dynasty, Barthez Soldiers and the remaining bladers of the BEGA Justice 5) to dispel Zeus's darkness, returning the world to normal, albeit heavily ravaged. Once the chaos had passed, Tyson and Brooklyn continue their battle as it should have been, a friendly competition, free from the exploitation of the now disgraced Boris. The end of the fight is unknown, as the last scene shows both beyblades going up towards the sky, and then Tyson's cap and a feather from the wings of Brooklyn falling from where the beyblades had just gone.

The cause to Brooklyn's moral misery, which made the dark world, is that, during his childhood, people used to reject him for his talents, since everybody else usually has to work hard to reach their goal while he was seen as some kind of monster for being there already. Therefore, he was left alone, on swings sometimes, to contemplate his life while the other children had fun elsewhere.


Brooklyn's Beyblade Zeus is a black attack-type beyblade that has the Bit-Beast Zeus within it. It has the ability to copy the opponents beyblade and easily predict its next move. The Bit-Beast Zeus is very powerful, being able to crush opponents with relative ease.

Up until his loss with Kai, he mostly lets Zeus fight by itself because he knows they are going to win. Zeus, though, inflicts a lot of damage to the opponent, as seen by the condition Kai was in after their first battle: on the ground, bloody cuts everywhere on his body and paramedics all around him to check if he was alright.

Most of the damage is done through Brooklyn's special attack, King of Darkness, which is illustrated as being the result of Brooklyn having the definite upper hand while the opponent is just loosing more and more advantage the more they struggle against the inevitable (hence the metaphor that Kai is drowning in some black water while Brooklyn is floating safely above it). Brooklyn then announces his attack (or, as in the Japanese version, he says "Sayonara ~ King of Darkness") and Zeus appears out of a swirl of black fog that appeared from behind Brooklyn.


Beyblade: G-Revolution
Opponent Episode Result
BEGA Bladers Beyblade G-Revolution - Episode 41 Win
Kai Hiwatari G-Revolution Episode 41 - G-Revolution Episode 42 Win
Kai Hiwatari G-Revolution Episode 48 Loss
Tyson Granger G-Revolution Episode 51 - G-Revolution Episode 52 No Outcome



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