Burst Finish! is the Japanese opening theme to the Beyblade Burst series. It debuted alongside the first episode of the season, Let's Go! Valtryek!!. It is performed by Tatsuyuki Kobayashi.



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Beyblade! Let's go
Become the ultimate Blader
(Go! Burst! Go! Burst! Go! Burst! Beyblade Burst!)
(Go! Burst! Go! Burst! Go! Go! Go! Burst!)
Yeah, everyone's got it
The desire to win... and a Beyblade just for you!
That's right, facing each other now
The will to become stronger starts boiling inside of you, right?
Shoot! The throbbing of your turning dreams (Burst!)
Burn (Burst!) strong (Burst!), your hearts pound
(3, 2, 1 Go, shoot!)
When two people (Go! Burst!)
who've got the drive to win (Go! Burst!)
battle it out (Burst! Burst! Burst! Burst!)
bonds are formed (Go! Burst!)
When it's the decisive moment (Go! Burst!)
face it off... together! (Go! Burst!)
Can't stop, I'll finish this, with the! best! (Go!)
Burst Finish!
(3, 2, 1 Go, shoot!)

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