Claw Shredder Kerbecs
Release Date(s)
Product Details
Product Code: W-08
Type: Power
Spirit Axle: Kerbecs
Spirit Shield: Kerbecs
Energy Core: Claw
Attack Gear: Shredder
Owner: Ryan
First anime appearance: BeyWheelz - Episode 12

Claw Shredder Kerbecs is a Power-Type BeyWheel from the BeyWheelz toyline.

Spirit Axle: Kerbecs

The Kerbecs Spirit Axle is a bright blue axle with three heads. One facing forward, one facing the left and one facing the right. It is based on the three-headed dog, Cerberus, which is a giant guard dog of the gates of the underworld.

Spirit Shield: Kerbecs

It you look at the Spirit Shield closely, on the top, it shows three dog heads. One facing to the right, one facing to the left, and one in the middle.

Energy Core: Claw

This Energy Core is a bright blue colour with stumps on the sides.These stumps give the bey high quality power. Claw is another good energy core for power type Beywheelz customizations. It can sometimes bounce while rolling. It is the heaviest of all cores making it the ultimate power core.

Beywheelz-Energy Core Claw

Attack Gear: Shredder

Shredder has three Kerbecs heads showing. It has teeth-like edges colored a lighter blue than the rest. All though it is a balance type gear, it is very heavy.


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