Dagger Spine Lacerta
Release Date(s)
Product Details
Product Code: W-15
Type: Balance
Spirit Axle: Lacerta
Spirit Shield: Lacerta
Energy Core: Dagger
Attack Gear: Spine
Owner: Leader B
First anime appearance: episode 9

Dagger Spine Lacerta is a Balance-Type BeyWheel that can be obtained in the Lizard Fury Attack 2-Pack.

Spirit Axle: Lacerta

The spirit axle has a light green background with a picture of a lizard in the middle.

Spirit Shield: Lacerta

The spirit shield is very unique. It has scale like spikes that stick out of the side. The color of the spirit shield is brown. If you look closely you will see that it has four eyes two green and two brown.

Energy Core: Dagger

The energy core is one of the most unique core. It has spikes which stick out from the BeyWheel. It can bend very well and doesn't break easily. The core also as scales that represent scales on a lizard. It has fairly hard rubber compared to some other BeyWheelz core. It resembles claw except with more speed.

Attack Gear: Spine

The attack gear has a similar design to a head of a lizard. It has a tall spike which represents the tail of a lizard.


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