This man is Daichi's father. He died some years before Daichi appears to Takao and his friends, when some tree trunks fell from where they had been placed in a pile. Daigoro jumped in front of the rolling trees to save the other men who were working in the forest and who had not noticed the danger. However, the price to pay for this sacrifice was huge, specially for Daichi, who had always looked up to his father with much admiration. Daigoro deceased tangled up among the pile of trees, after giving his only son a beyblade he had built: Gaia Dragoon. Daigoro was a logger who took great care of his tools (axe, hammer, etc.). Daichi often watched him polish those and once asked his father why he did that. Daigoro answered that in those tools was his spirit, meaning he gave his work his 100%. This made Daichi admire his father even more; every time he needs to improve his beyblading, Daichi remembers his father's actions and succeeds in beating opponents.

Sumeragi Daigoro appeared both in the manga and in the anime, although obviously only in Daichi's memories.


  • The Japanese name 'Daigoro' means 'great fifth son'. The 'Dai' prefix also links to Daigoro's son, Daichi.

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