The Dark Bladers (チームWHO Chīmu WHO) are a team featured in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade.


Four bladers that were "cursed" after each of them suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of one of four members from the team now known as the Majestics. Lightning struck them, turning them into monsters and becoming evil.

Their agenda was to capture more bit beasts to earn their goal to become better bladers, however they soon reform from their original goals.


Years before the events of Beyblade: 2000:

They were all defeated and blamed their defeats on the Majestics' Bit-Beasts. One night, while they were all together, they were struck by lightning and given the power of Bit-Beasts, something they all lacked in their battles, and turned into monsters. They vowed to capture every Bit-Beast they came across so they could become better Bladers.


Member Image Beyblade Role Status
Draculor Leader Active
Lycanlor Member Active
Shamblor Member Active
Sarcophalor Member Active



The Bladebreakers first encounter them in England, then on their way to France inside the channel tunnel, then finally defeated them in Paris. They then kidnapped Kenny during the Bladebreakers match against the Majestics, and said they were the Bladebreakers' "personal monster cheering squad". During the match, every one of them (especially Sanguinex) senses pureness within Tyson and they reform from their evil ways. In the Season finale, the Dark Bladers appear to watch Tyson's final battle with Tala, having sensed his true understanding of Beyblading. They also join everyone for a chance to battle with Tyson.



  • They were said to have been cursed to their paranormal existence by their rivals, the Majestics, however in their flashbacks, they already appeared inhuman.
  • When the team first appeared, they were antagonists. However, they are hardly villains, as they quickly reform, and act as friends and supporters of the Bladebreakers.
  • Sanguinex and Lupinex reappear in G-Revolution's epilogue; Lupinex is only seen from an obscure angle; people can tell that it is him from his telltale grin and hairy wrists.
  • Much like other teams, the Dark Bladers have Bit-beasts with names that have a common naming complex. In this case, their Bit-beasts all have names with the suffix "-lor".
  • All of the Dark Bladers' Bit-Beasts has a part of their "physical" form shaped like an attack ring.


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