Daryl is a minor antagonist from Beyblade: V-Force.

Physical Appearance

Daryl is a tall boy with dark-purple hair and dark, almost black eyes.

Like the rest of the initial Team Psykick line-up, he wears an olive variant of the jumpsuit uniform. He has a number of distinguishing features, including sharp eyes, a wide mouth, busy eyebrows and a large, hooked nose.

He bares a certain amount of resemblance to Gideon, although this is likely a coincidence.


His beyblade, Water Treader, seems to be an orange Master Dranzer (Metal Draciel) with sharpened edges and a modified tip.

The is equipped with a water vacuum balance tip that allows his blade spin on a dampened stage by sucking water in and pumping it out the back end. This gives him a severe advantage on lakes or water-logged terrain.


Beyblade: V-Force

Daryl is a beyblader from the original Team Psykick line-up, chosen by Doctor B to defeat the Bladebreakers in a beybattle. He first shows his skills by defeating a number of BBA Test Players to prove his worthiness to take on the World Champions.

He is later defeated by Tyson after Dragoon escapes the Bit-Beast capture system.


  • Of the Original Team Psykick line-up, Daryl is the only player to feature in multiple battles.
  • Unlike a number of his teammates, Daryl is not modeled to resemble an animal, nor is he named after one.
  • Daryl is challenged to a battle by Tyson when they first meet, although Mr. Dickenson prevents the battle from taking place. Later, on the Island, Tyson and Daryl honor that challenge.
  • Daryl is one of the Team Psykick members with a specialist beyblade, designed for a specific terrain; his terrain is water.



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