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Dizzi (season 1)

Dizzi's screen (season 1)

Dizzi (Also known by the full name Dizzara) is a secondary character from Beyblade 2000 and Beyblade: V-Force. She is described as being a bitbeast, although her form is never seen. She was once bound to a bit-chip, and worked with Kenny


Little is known about Dizzi's past, save that she once used to beybattle alongside Kenny, until and accident took place; during a thunder-storm, Dizzi's body was somehow converted into data, and accidentally transferred into Kenny's laptop. Kenny did not know of a way in which he could remove her safely, and so she remained inside.


Dizzi's screen (V-Force)

Dizzi was shown to have full access to the computer's internal systems; she could talk freely and access the display systems at will. She did, however, face two major weaknesses; the first was her inability to offer resistance to kidnap, thus resulting in the laptop being stolen by Kevin and Stuart on different occasions, and the second being the mute button - preventing her issuing warnings or advice to the team.


Dizzi offers her analysis

Dizzi was known to complain about feeling cramped and claustrophobic inside of the computer, and suggested on many occasions that she was unhappy with her situation, until she realized that it granted her a certain amount of safety from Black Dranzer. During Beyblade: V-Force, she became rather uncomfortable when the laptop was overloaded by Ozuma's data, complaining that the data was "Spicy" and that it was hot inside the computer. When the data overloaded the computer, Dizzi was rendered silent, and unable to communicate with Kenny until the computer was entirely restored and rebooted. After the incident, Dizzi asked that Kenny re-install the Solitaire program, implying that she would often play computer games for amusement when the PC was idle. 


Dizzi is shown to be very intelligent, and quick to give advice; she is somewhat an expert on Beyblades, Beybattling, Beyblading theory and data analysis, even aiding Kenny in rebuilding and reworking beyblades, and new equipment for the Bladebreakers .


Dizzi, hijacked by the Blade Sharks, along side Kenny.

Her personality was often sarcastic, although her quick-wit was often used in jest, or to lighten the mood. She was known to tease Kenny, and the rest of the team at less-than-appropriate moments, at times, and although often she meant well, sometimes her sarcasm or bad-timing was unhelpful, or demotivating to the group. Despite her tendency to complain, Dizzi often kept the group's spirits high, usually because of her good humour.

On several occasions, Dizzi was shown to have a cowardly disposition in the face of danger. She had a fear of Cenotaph's bitbeast, Sarcophalore, despite calling it "Haunted toilet-roll", and would pretend that she was no-longer in the laptop in situations where it appeared. She was also known to be frightened of Black Dranzer. However, Dizzi once made a flippant comment that she would "like a rugged bitbeast" like Wolborg, Tala's bitbeast.


  • The Character Dizzi does not appear in the Japanese version; instead, Kenny simply carries around a laptop with which to make his own data analysis.
  • Dizzi, debuting in the first episode of beyblade, is the first bitbeast to appear in the series, despite never being seen; her first appearance is even before that of Dragoon.
  • Dizzi is the only bitbeast actually referred to as being female; all others are referred to as/implied to be male, or not given a distinct gender.
  • Dizzi's english voice actor is Julie Lemieux .
  • Dizzi is absent in G-Revolution for unknown reasons, despite Kenny's continued use of the laptop; interestingly, even though Kenny is seen beyblading, Dizzi is not present in his bit-chip, either.
  • Although Dizzi's full name is Dizzara, it is only mentioned in Episode 2 of Beyblade 2000.
  • In Beyblade: V-Force, Dizzi jokes that her motion-sickness stemmed the nickname "Dizzi", and that watching other tops can make her feel unwell.

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