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Dark Doomscizor .F.J, known in Japan as Dark Deathscyther .F.J (ダークデスサイザー.F.J, Dāku Desusaizā .F.J) is an Attack-Type Beyblade released as part of the Dual Layer System. It was released in Japan on April 29, 2016 for 900円.

Energy Layer: Doomscizor D2

Main article: Energy Layer - Doomscizor D2
Energy Layer - Doomscizor D2

Forge Disc: Force

Main article: Forge Disc - Force

Force has strong attack points and, depending on the Energy Layer's shape, can help focus the momentum of the Beyblade towards the main protrusions to hit the opponent harder. As such, it is a Forge Disc of choice for certain Attack combos.

Use in Attack Customization

In a top-tier combination like Xcalius Force Xtreme, Force is able to propulse the Energy Layer's protrusions more effectively to deliver good hits to the opponent.

Performance Tip: Jaggy

Main article: Performance Tip - Jaggy
The performance tip jaggy is a great tip for battling it has lots of good things about it.The performance tip jaggy adapts on its environment. It has great speed and works well with attack type combos forge disks. It moves well on the outer part of the beystadium. It look like a spiral tip and flat on the bottom. The tip allows it to start from the outside and then hits the opponent in the center. It hits the opponent in the center by moving in a full circle around the stadium, or small circles mourned the stadium. It is good for battling defensive type beyblades. The tip allows it to come to the slope then goes down to hit the opponent. Once it hits the opponent it uses the forge disk to make a barrage of attacks. The tip also gives the bey more stamina. In conclusion, the performance tip jaggy is great combo for barrage forge disks and good for tournament battles.






  • Doomscizor's Hasbro name possibly comes from 'doom' and 'scissor' refering to it's reaper-like design and it's two scythes.


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