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Draciel (玄武 Genbu) is the Water Spirit and the Bit-Beast of Max Tate.


Draciel used to belong to Max's grandmother, who kept it inside a pendant. The pendant was given to Max by his father before his Beyblade match against Kai Hiwatari. During the match, the pendant was shattered, releasing the Draciel Bit-Chip. Since then, Max used it in his Beyblade.

Draciel is taken by the Demolition Boys, but is later returned to Max's Beyblade. Draciel is the only bit-beasts among the Bladebreakers which is Defense type.

Beyblade: V-Force

At the start of V-Force, Draciel fights against a mysterious blader called Mariam and her Beyblade Sharkrash, however, he loses. He battled again against Jim, a member of the Team Psykick. He loses again, but this time, Draciel is taken. However, he later comes back to Max's Beyblade when Cyber Dragoon collapsed and destroyed everything. Draciel also gets modified into Draciel Viper in the episode 29.

He later is taken again by Zeo along with Dranzer. He and Dranzer came back to their owners at the end of V-Force.

Beyblade: G-Revolution

In Beyblade: G-Revolution, in the episode "Fire and Water," Draciel Viper 2 was upgraded to Draciel Gravity, an Engine Gear Beyblade. In the second fight against Kai and Dranzer Gigs, who also had been upgraded at that time, Draciel was narrowly defeated when Kai commanded Dranzer to use Blazing Gig to get out of Draciel's Gravity Control attack.

Draciel was later used against Mystel in the MS series where he tied against Mystel's Bit-Beast, who was also a water-type. He was later used in the last episode when Tyson was battling Brooklyn and he had to use all of his companions' Bit-Beasts to help Dragoon win the fight.

Draciel Beyblades


Draciel Shield

Draciel Fortress

Draciel Viper

Draciel Viper 2

Draciel Gravity

Draciel Metal Shield



  • Along with the other three most famous Bit Beasts, Draciel is based on eastern astrology. Draciel represents the black turtle, Genbu.
  • Draciel and Dranzer are the two Bit-Beasts which were taken away by the same blader in one season and returned by Tyson winning the final beybattle. In Season 1, Spencer took both Bit-Beasts and Tyson defeated Tala, whereas in Season 2 they were returned by Tyson beating Zeo.
  • In the first season of the anime, Draciel's spirit color is purple. However in V-Force, it was changed to green.

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