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Dragoon (青龍 Seiryū) is the Wind Spirit and Tyson Granger's Bit-Beast. He is the most powerful Bit-Beast in Beyblade, having beaten Zeus, Driger, Dranzer and Draciel, who hold top positions as the most powerful Bit-Beasts.


Dragoon first appeared in Tyson's sword when Tyson asked for his help to defeat Kai Hiwatari, a ruthless Beyblader who destroys other people's Blades and the leader of the notorious Blade Sharks. Dragoon then flew right into Tyson's Beyblade, realizing that Tyson needed help.

Tyson later found out that Kai was using a Bit-Beast too, Dranzer the Red Phoenix. He went home and practiced with Dragoon night and day, not stopping until he harnessed Dragoon's full power and potential. Tyson then went to a warehouse to battle with Kai, and the match ended with a draw. Tyson met a Beyblader named Max Tate, who helped him customize his Beyblade.

After Max's defeat to Kai in the semi-finals of the Beyblade Tournament, it was Tyson vs. Kai. Dragoon and Dranzer met again and fought very ferociously in the tournament, but Dragoon came out as the winner.

Dragoon defeated most of competitors in the championship. However the mighty Black Dranzer easily beat him in Russia but Tyson relaunched Dragoon along with Dranzer and also with help of Driger and Draciel and won. Dragoon and Tyson's bond was so strong that Dragoon even defeated the Beyblader, Tala in the finals in Russia, making Tyson the Beyblading World Champion by telling him "I have returned because you have never given up hope! As long as you believe in me, Tyson, I shall never abandon you!"

Beyblade: V-Force

In Beyblade: V-Force, Dragoon didn't materialize on Tyson's orders, getting Tyson very frustrated. It was later revealed that Dragoon didn't command to Tyson's orders because Dragoon detected an invisible Bit-Beast. Dragoon defeated one of Team Psykick's Bit-Beasts easily with the Victory Tornado attack. Dragoon then went up against Cyber Dragoon and won after a long fight. Dragoon talked to Tyson once again and he prevailed in beating Flash Leopard. He fought against Zeo and defeated Cerberus and won.

Beyblade: G-Revolution

In Beyblade: G-Revolution, Dragoon doesn't talk, but does seem to communicate with Tyson on a few occasions, such as before his battle Garland. He battled Max's Draciel and won but it came at a price, Dragoon's Attack-Ring and Blade was destroyed.

In the World Championship Finals Tyson, debuted with a new Beyblade, Dragoon Galaxy Turbo, he battled against Kai with his new upgraded Dranzer Gigs Turbo. The battle between the two was a lot more fiercer than before and absolutely equal with each Blade having their moment in the battle. Tyson won by a narrow margin. Ray later challenged Tyson to a battle considering Tyson's first match with Ray in the World Championships, didn't see Tyson's Blade to his full potential. Tyson won the battle, but both Dragoon and Driger's blades were badly damaged.

Dragoon took on Crusher of the new BEGA association led by former nemesis Boris Balkov and won. He battled against Garland. In the end, he bladed against Brooklyn. With the unified help of all the Sacred Bit-Beasts, Dragoon became far more powerful than before into the strongest beyblade ever (except Black Dranzer) and battled Brooklyn's Zeus with the outcome unknown (though it's indicated that Tyson won).

At the very end, Dragoon battles Dranzer in a rematch.

Dragoon Beyblades


Dragoon Storm

Dragoon Fantom

Dragoon Victory

Dragoon Victory 2

Dragoon Galaxy

Dragoon Galaxy Turbo

Dragoon Metal Storm

Dragoon Metal Storm Ultimate Version

  • All the previous evolutions attacks.



  • Along with the other three most famous Bit Beasts, Dragoon is based on eastern astrology. Dragoon represents the azure dragon, Seiryū.
  • Dragoon (and Dark Dragoon) are the two Bit Beasts we've seen talking.
  • The only Bit-Beast Dragoon failed to defeat while its Beyblade was still spinning was Black Dranzer, as it had been Draciel and Dranzer that had been spinning at that time, and Dragoon's Beyblade had been defeated.
  • Dragoon stated to Tyson when they had been in their final battle against Tala at the end of Season 1, that so long as Tyson believed in it, Dragoon would never lose to anyone. This seemed to have been true, as Tyson's only lost to others when he lost sight of everything else and failed to truly believe in Dragoon. This was proven especially in the beginning of V-Force, when Tyson couldn't even effectively call out Dragoon and use its special moves. Thus, whenever Tyson and Dragoon truly fight together as one, they haven't ever lost a match.

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