Dragoon V (ドラグーンV Doragūn V) is a Left-spin Attack-type Beyblade that uses the Magnacore System. It was Tyson's fourth Beyblade. It evolves from Dragoon F and evolves into Dragoon V2.

It was released with a red Neo Reverse Shooter and blue Dragon Winder by Tomy Company LTD. Takara as a Starter Set in Japan on December 2001 for 980円. Hasbro later released it as a Starter sometime during 2003 internationally.

Bit Chip: Dragoon

The chip depicts Dragoon.

Attack Ring: Eight Attacker

Eigh attacker has eight different protrusions for left spin smash attack but is not that useful for smash.

Weight Disk: Ten Wide

  • Weight: 14 Grams

The weight disk is a Ten Wide, weighing 10 grams. It focuses on momentum of the Bey instead of its defensive qualities. It is the widest Weight Disk.

Spin Gear: Neo Left Spin Gear

  • Weight: 4 Grams

The first Metal Weight Core in the series due to the tip of Dragoon Victory's base already having a magnet in it. Held in the Neo Left SG's center.

Blade Base: Magne Flat Base

A unique Blade Base due to the inclusion of a magnetic rubber flat tip.


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