Driger F is a Balance-type Beyblade and was Ray's second Beyblade. It was preceded by Driger S and was replaced by Driger V.

Bit Chip (BC): Driger (F Version)

The Chip depicts Driger.

Attack Ring (AR): Cross Fang

Weight Disk (WD): Eight Balance

  • Weight: 14 grams.

Spin Gear (SG): Right Spin Gear Full Auto Clutch Ver.

  • Weight: 7 Grams

This Spin Gear features a metal shaft supported by a ball bearing that ends with a Metal Flat tip. The free-spinning shaft helps reduce the loss of spin when the Beyblade equipped with this part is hit by an opposing top. Customizations using this part, which were tested by WBO member Galaxy in 2011, had proven that the tip is particularly aggressive and hard to control, making it very useful for Attack-Type combos. 

Blade Base (BB): Full Auto Clutch