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Earth Eagle 145WD is a Balance-Type Beyblade released as part of the Hybrid Wheel System. It was released in Japan as Earth Aquila 145WD in September 2009 for 893円.

Face Bolt: Eagle

Main article: Face Bolt - Eagle
Face Bolt - Eagle

Energy Ring: Eagle

Main article: Energy Ring - Eagle
Energy Ring - Eagle

Fusion Wheel: Earth

Main article: Fusion Wheel - Earth
Fusion Wheel - Earth

Spin Track: 145

Main article: Spin Track - 145
Spin Track - 145

Performance Tip: WD

Main article: Performance Tip - WD

Wide Defense, as its name implies is one of the widest of the “Defense” series of Performance Tips (D, SD, WD, PD, EWD).

This brings numerous advantages, but also some disadvantages when compared to the other “Defense” Performance Tips, specifically D. The advantages include its ability for abnormally long precession times due to its massive width that reaches the edge of the Performance Tip's perimeter. This allows it to wobble at a significantly larger angle for a longer period of time than D, and at a much lower spin rate. However, depending on the position of the Beyblade using WD and the spin rate of the opponent, this can be disadvantageous because of how easy it becomes to knock over the precessing WD custom. This low spin rate towards the end of the battle is created because in the process of wobbling at such a large angle, more friction is made with the stadium floor, thus decreasing its Stamina. Nevertheless, this is more often an advantage than it is a disadvantage.

Newer parts such as CS, EDS and B:D have overshadowed WD to some degree: CS and EDS due to their ability to be paired with the popular BD145 Spin Track without scraping, and B:D because of its height and even longer precession times, but WD is still one of the best pure Stamina Bottoms available. However, when selecting high Spin Tracks such as TH170 and 230, WD's tendency to wobble at larger angles should be kept in mind, as its extreme precession can often become problematic.

Although the name suggests defensive characteristics, WD does not possess any inherent defensive qualities. However, its proficiency can be increased significantly when facing left-spin Attackers through the utilization of the Weak Shooting technique.

Use in Stamina customization

WD is arguably the best of the “Defense” series of Spin Tracks, and its effectiveness can be utilized in the custom Phantom Bull AD145WD.






Earth Aquila 145WD uncustomized is a quite strong Stamina type by itself, and, taken separately, Earth used to be top-tier in Defense, and 145 serves no purpose anymore due to its lack of gimmick. Even if WD remains top-tier, it has been released in many subsequent Beyblades and Sets. There is little or no reason to buy this Beyblade, aside from collection purposes.



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