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Amazing Huh?

Enzo Garcia, Various Episodes

Enzo Garcia is a character in Beyblade: Metal Masters and one of the member of Team Garcias.
Enzo Garcia
Enzo Garcy
Biographical information
Aliases Enzo Gracy
Gender Male
Current Beyblade(s) Ray Cancer M145Q
Relatives Argo Garcia, Selen Garcia and Ian Garcia
Friends Dr. Ziggurat
Enemies Yu Tendo
Occupation(s) Member of Team Garcias, Member of DNA
Behind the scenes
English voice actor Lisette St. Louis


Enzo Garcia has short, messy hair that ends to the back of his neck. He has brown eyes, like the rest of his siblings. He wears a small dark bronze shirt, with a green jacket over it. 

Beyblade: Metal Masters

While Team GanGan Galaxy were in Brazil to participate in the "B block" finals, Enzo Garcia made his debut by challenging Yu Tendo and his Flame Libra to a Beyblade race and disappearing after. He is next seen with the rest of Team Garcia when they ambushed Yu and Argo injures his Flame Libra with his Ray Gil. When it's time for the Brazilian team "Team Garcias" to face Japan's team "Team GanGan Galaxy", Enzo defeats Yu because of Yu's damaged Beyblade. Soon after,Enzo is then easily eliminated by Masamune Kadoya and his beyblade Ray Striker. Enzo returns with Team Garcia during the rise of Hades City but is defeated along with his following HD Bladers by Team Wang Hu Zhong. Enzo, for some strange reason, he says "Amazing, huh" a lot, even when it doesn't make sense to what other people are saying. It seems sometimes seems like he's amazed.

Beyblade: Metal Fury

Enzo returns in Metal Fury during the 360 Sphere tournament along with the rest of Team Gracia to battle in block. At first Enzo and Selen worked together to face Argo and Ian only to trick Masamune, Toby and Zeo. They soon would ambush them to no avail where they were defeated.

Beyblade: Shogun Steel

He appeared alongside his family members when they Video chatted with Tsubasa and the others. They revealed they were the leaders of DNA and sent Kira Hayama and Yoshio Iwayama, and in the future him and his siblings might battle Zero and his friends or Tsubasa and Benkei. Also Team Garcia might have the same beys but with synchrom abilities.


Enzo's bey was never given a physical release. He says "Amazing, huh?" an amazing amount of times. It is unknown whether Enzo or any of the Garcias got new Shogun Steel beys. Enzo is one of two characters that uses a Ray Gasher in Metal Masters. The other is Selen Garcia.

Battle Record

Beyblade: Metal Masters
Opponent Outcome
Yu Tendo (Tag w/ Team Garcias) Win
Yu Tendo Win
Masamune Kadoya Lose
Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Outcome
Toby, Zeo & Tsubasa (Tag w/ Team Garcias) Lose


Special Moves

Slumdog Driver : Enzo's first special move, first used in episode 31 of Metal Masters.

Double Slumdog Driver: Enzo's second Special Move used when battling with Selen it was first used Episode 45 of Metal Masters.

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