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Falborg is a Bit-Beast in the Beyblade series.


Falborg is a falcon Bit-Beast that serves Bryan of the Demolition Boys. It is first seen in battle in A Wicked Wind Blows when Bryan battles Ray in the World finals. During the battle, Bryan used Falborg's ability to manipulate moving air into a weapon to directly attack Ray. The fact that no one could see the weapon meant that it wasn't against the rules, although several characters agreed that it should've been. Falborg's wind attacks nearly killed Ray, but Ray was saved by his bit-beast Driger who almost sacrifices itself to protect Ray from Falborg's attacks and defeats Falborg with a powerful tiger claw attack.

Falborg is then seen during G-Revolution when Bryan and Spencer are battling against Garland inside the BEGA headquarters. Falborg's strongest attack, Stroblitz , was beaten by the strong power of Garland's beyblade, Apollon.


  • In Losing Kai, Falborg has a cameo appearence, it is the bit-beast Tyson discovers in a tank in the laboratory while he is searching for Kai.
  • It is not known why Falborg was never made into a real Beyblade for people to buy in stores. If it exists then it is extremely rare, or a Japanese exclusive. However, a bit chip was available as part of a limited edition bit chip booster pack.
  • It Appears in Beyblade 2000 series.

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