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Faust was a member of Team Star Breakers, representing America in Beyblade: Metal Masters. His Beyblade is Twisted Tempo 145WD.

Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Toby (Alter Ego)
Beyblade(s): Twisted Tempo 145WD

Rock Aries 145WD (As Toby)

Enemies: Masamune Kadoya Zeo Abyss
Hair: Silver
Occupation: Blader for Dr. Ziggurat, Former Member of Team Star Breaker
First Anime Appearance: The Miraculous Spiral Force


Faust has silver, long hair and a string with a jewel tied on his forehead. He wears a white and purple-colored top with the roman numbers of a clock on it

Beyblade: Metal Masters

Background History

He was once named Toby; Zeo's friend. He, however, suffered from a disease and became wheel chair bound. However when Dr. Ziggurat erased his memory, he became Faust. He acts as if he does not know anything. He seemed to have a special relationship with Zeo and Masamune when they were young. Later on after battling Masamaune and Zeo, he later became Toby once more after having shown flashbacks about their aims to be No.1. Even though he became Toby his hair is still grey.

Faust makes his cameo debut when Dr. Ziggurat puts his plan in motion. Faust is not again seen until Gingka and Masamune infultrate the final bunker of Hades City. Faust faces Gingka and Masamune inside the tower and sends them to a dimension where he controls both time and space. After Ryuga damages the ship Faust falls and is injured, Gingka and Masamune take the chance and defeat a weakend Faust. After the energy is rebooted Faust challenges Masamune to a one on one. Right before he was about to defeat Masamune he is defended by Zeo Abyss who helps Masamune to fight Faust. They defeat Faust after Gingka and Ryuga take out the ships power generator, afterwards Faust returns to normal Toby.

Battle Record

Beyblade Metal Masters
Opponent Outcome
Masamune Kadoya & Gingka Hagane Lose
Masamune Kadoya & Zeo Abyss Draw



Beyblade Metal Masters


  • Faust is similar to Zeo Zagart from the orginal Beyblade Series.
  • He looks similar to Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.
  • Even though he is seemingly feared, he hasn't won a battle as Faust.
  • Despite being Arranged with the power of Ryuga's Meteo L-Drago and Gingka's power, the combined efforts of Masamune and Gingka seemed to be enough to defeat him, although it should be noted that L-Drago had smashed through the stadium during its rampage of the city and freed them from Faust's special move.
  • Faust is Toby.
  • Faust's hair stays grey even though he is turned back into Toby.
  • When Zeo was talking to Faust, it seemed like he wasn't that friendly.
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