Flame Serpent SW145D is a Balance-Type Beyblade that appears in the Beyblade: Metal Masters anime series. It was released by Hasbro under Beyblade: Metal Masters exclusively; however, it had a F tip instead of having a D tip. It is owned by Salhan.

Face Bolt: Serpent

Facebolt SERPENT B120 36502

Serpent is based on Serpens, one of the 88 constellations in space. The bolt depicts the deadly cobra showing its fangs and hissing its tongue. Flame Serpent's face is the same as Poison Serpent's face; faint dark red with a green cobra on it.

Energy Ring: Serpent

  • Weight: 2.9 grams

Serpent Energy Ring

Serpent is a red wheel, first released with Poison Serpent SW145SD. It has many snake designs, representing snakes. This wheel is a balance wheel, but is also great in attack power. If you look closely at it, you can see 4 fangs. If you look even closer, you will notice that the fangs are below 2 snake heads. Each head is formed by three snakes.

Attack: 3 - Defense: 3 - Stamina: 1

Fusion Wheel: Flame

  • Weight: 32.5 grams

Flame wheel

The Flame Fusion Wheel was first released with Flame Sagittario C145S. It is predominantly circular, with two small spikes and two additional smaller gaps on its circumference. The Wheel is relatively thin throughout, with the very edge of the Wheel being slightly thicker, improving Stamina. Due to the design of Flame where the Wheel's perimeter is raised slightly, more of the Track below is exposed compared to other Wheels, hence making it easier for other Beyblades to strike its Track. This significantly reduces its Defense capabilities, however, when used with the TH170, C145 or 230 tracks, it will have good Defensive qualities.

Attack: 1 - Defense: 2 - Stamina: 4

Spin Track: Switch 145

  • Weight: 4.2 grams

Switch 145 has three wings which can be removed and "switched" to have either defensive or offensive properties. It is switched by removing the Performance Tip and pulling the wings down. Attack is the side with triangle shaped stickers while Defense is the other side. Attack Mode suffers from slightly more recoil. There is not much of a difference between Attack Mode and Defense Mode. You can also remove the wings and turn this Track into a normal 145 Track though the design is different. It is somewhat of an easier way of Variable 145's variant of changing the Spin Track type. This spin track was first used by Poison Serpent. It is red in color.

Attack: 0 - Defense: 3 - Stamina: 2

Performance Tip: Defense

  • Weight: 1 gram
Bottom d img

This is a Defense Bottom, which acts as a wider version of a Sharp tip. When hit by an opponent, a Beyblade with this Bottom will have lessened recoil and will recover from attacks more efficiently than a Sharp Tip. However, while recovering, the Defense Bottom will cause the Beyblade to lose some stamina, caused by the added friction. However it is easier to knock over than WD. This tip is a pearly-white color.

It has use in the combinations MF-F Scythe Kronos 90D and Duo Cygnus 230D.





Example of Flame Serpent attack mode in the MFB Attack Stadium



  • Although Flame Serpent was released by Hasbro with a Flat Performance Tip, in the anime, it has a white Defense Performance Tip.
  • This is the only Bey of Team Chandora to be released.
  • Almost every serpent bey included a SW145 except for Ray Serpent M145MS.


  1. Credit to Jp0t for Youtube video

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