Foxy (フォクシー, Fokushī) is a minor antagonist from Beyblade: V-Force, who was the first member of Team Zagart's Harassment Team to appear, and to receive a Bit-Beast from the rock stolen from the Saint Shields.

Physical Appearance


Foxy first uses a Beyblade called Wildfox. He is later given Wildfox 2 which includes Wildfox, a Rock Bitbeast.


Beyblade: V-Force

Before he was picked up to play for Dr. Zagart, Foxy had formerly been an undefeated Beyblading champion, even without having a bitbeast. He was selected to wield the first Rock Bitbeast, Wildfox, because of his superior skill level. Foxy was pit against a number of test players before he was initially approved, and sent to battle the Bladebreakers.

Despite his former win record, Foxy was unable to control the full power of Wildfox, and lost his first battle against Ray of the Bladebreakers



  • Foxy is the first member of the Harassment Team to appear with a bitbeast from the Rock.
  • Foxy is stated to be a former Beyblade champion, although the league champion in V-Force is stated to be Tyson Granger.
  • Foxy bares striking resemblance to Tala, a primary antagonist from Beyblade: 2000; this is likely unintentional, however, as like the rest of the Harassment Team, Foxy is modeled to resemble his bitbeast. Also Wildfox 2 is extremely similar to Wolborg 2.
  • Foxy is one of many Beybladers who follows the convention for animal-named characters. Incidentally, Foxy also follows the trend of V-Force having only one known name.
  • Foxy's bitbeast, Wildfox, follows the convention of the Harassment Team, in that his bitbeast is based on a Japanese myth, or Yokai; his is based on either a Kitsune, or Nogitsune.