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GR025 : Max Attacks!
G-Revolution series
GR027 : What a Blast!
Familiar Faces
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Episode Number 26
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Arc Unknown
Previous Episode Max Attacks!
Next Episode What a Blast!
Japanese June 30, 2003
English January 29, 2005
Theme Music
Opening Go Ahead!
Ending Oh Yes!!
Episode Notes
Featured Bey Dragoon GT
Main Character Debuts TBD

Familiar Faces is the twenty sixth episode of Beyblade: G-Revolution.


In order to make it to the finals to face Kai and the Blitzkrieg Boyz, Tyson and Daichi must first defeat Team F-Dynasty. It first starts off with Tyson and Daichi heading back to Tyson's house to rest for their upcoming battle. Meanwhile, Max and Judy return home and reunites with Taro and eats together. After his meal Max goes to the beystadium where he reminises his departure from the Bladebreakers. Ray also comes to visit, stunned to find Max there, and soon they start discussing the matches they lost in the orld championships. Later that day Kenny works hard on making upgrades to Tyson's beyblade. Gramps walks in on Tyson and Daichi aruging in thier sleep. The next day Tyson is in his Gramps dojo ready to train and Gramps is suprise to see him there, then they start battle with the kendo swords. As he countinues his battle with his gramps he then starts to think about he other teams and how their feelings and blader spirit rest on his shoulders. He then beats his grandfather in training and stuns his grandfather. Later that day Tala has a meeting with the beyblade officals to discuss the upcoming match between BBA Revolution and team Dynasty. Team Dynasty goes to the circus to vist the family. When both teams had a conference Tyson and Diachi made a suprising challenge that they want to face F-Dynasty in a tag team match and F Sangre accepted thinking it was going to be a easy win. After the conference Tyson was given Dragoon Galaxy Turbo. Then Hiro challenges them to a battle to test there tag team skills, Hiro gives them a hard time during the battle but also gives them advise to use their non blading skills. Hiro then tries to go in for an attack but was soon stop by Tyson and Daichi where it seem that they where good at tag team battles maybe even beter than F-Dynasty. Later that day team F Dynasty watches the recordings of the conference and and discusses what kind of match Tyson challenged them to.

Major Events

  • Kenny upgrades Tyson's Dragoon G to Dragoon GT
  • F Dynasty meets up with their circus family in Japan
  • The final rounds will be decided by F Dynasty and BBA Revolution 2 on 2 battling to face the Blitzkrieg Boys for the World Championship title
  • Tyson and Daichi have a 2 on 2 match with Hiro and win



Featured Beybattles

Tyson Granger and Daichi Sumeragi (Dragoon GT and Strata Dragoon G) VS Hiro Granger (Metal Driger X2)

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