Amazing. What faith they have in each other. What an incredible bond they share. Even Kai, the ultimate lone wolf, is looking out for Tyson in his own way. Compared to them, our team...isn't a real team at all. We call ourselves friends, but what have I ever done to help Brooklyn? I've failed him, and us.


Garland Siebald (ガーランド Garland) is a character in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: G-Revolution. He is a member of the BEGA League. His Bit-Beast and Beyblade is Apollon.


Garland is a slightly muscular young man with long silver hair tied in a ponytail and purple eyes. He has what appears to be a bindi on his forehead. He wears a sleeveless green top and black pants. A double brown belt separates the two. He wears these with long orange fingerless gloves with a black underside and black shoes.


He is proud of his Siebald family name and fights for it. Although Garland is proud of his family name, he can get carried away with their family principles, especially in his battle with Tyson.

He is arrogant at times due to his confidence and underestimates bladers such as Tyson.

Despite his arrogance, Garland does have a high regard for honor, even going so far as to respect Tyson for a good battle and stopping Crusher and Ming-Ming from fulfilling Boris's wish to battle Tyson before he faces Brooklyn.


His type of blading style is much like the style used in regular and kick boxing. He lets his opponent get worn out and he comes in for the kill. As seen in most of his battles, he usually finishes a regular battle with a round house kick.

His launcher is a metal tonfa, which is a short staff used in martial arts. Garland moves it back so as to give his launch more strength, then he moves it forward and makes his weapon do a 180 degrees rotation, in order to propel his blade forward and into the stadium.


Garland's family, the Siebalds, is one of success in sports. His brother Jesse exceeded in baseball, his brother Todd in soccer, his sister Kylie in tennis, his sister Brit in golf and his brother Jamie in racing. As it became a tradition over the years for every member of the family to be a professional in the sport they chose, Garland decided, at a very young age, that his sport would be Beyblading.

In his room, Garland has tons of swords different in size hung on the walls, as well as training equipment and a crest which is not his family's. He also allowed Brooklyn to stay in his garden, and probably also at his house, after the last battle of the Justice 5.

Siebald Family Principles

Garland Book
To reach their goal, the Siebalds established a list of principles to follow. They wrote those down in a unique book which has the family crest on the cover. Strangely, two beasts resembling Apollon are illustrated on the crest in a position qualified as 'rampant'. Red represents strength, while white is peace, gold is generosity, blue, loyalty and green, joy. Seeing as a crown is on its top, it could mean that the Siebalds are, or were once, royalty.

The principles are as follows :

  1. 1 : Know your opponent as you know yourself.

Japanese - The fight starts the moment the opponent is known.

  1. 8 : The opponent with the most powerful first strike wins the game.

Japanese - In a match, the one in control will have victory.

  1. 23 : Even if you turn your back to your enemy, never turn your heart.

Japanese - Even if your back is turned to the enemy, do not turn your heart to them.

  1. 28 : Go in the direction you never go, for there lies the pathway to victory.

Japanese - If you have already gone by your usual road, go by another road that is visible.

  1. 45 : Give no quarter to an opponent you respect.

Japanese - Once recognized, an opponent you respect can still push you down.

  1. 79 : Swift end to honor opponents.

Japanese - Consequently make a beautiful conclusion.


Beyblade: G-Revolution

Garland first appears watching Tyson's battle with Crusher. He later appears when he defeats both Bryan and Spencer of the Blitzkrieg Boys at once, indicating his powerful Beyblade.

He was so strong and aggressive during his Beyblade match against Tala of the Blitzkrieg Boys that he put him into hospital. His means of winning was to not only hit his opponent's Beyblade, but to launch a physical martial arts attack on the blader themselves. Garland follows his family's principles of winning during his Beyblade match against Tyson, but he realizes with Tyson's help that he was acting according to his family's principles, and not his own. He eventually decides to battle for himself and his team instead of his family. Though he ends up losing, Garland is glad to have had a great battle against Tyson.

During Tyson's match against Brooklyn, he discovers the faith and bond the members of the G Revolutions share with one another (even Kai). He also realized that although BEGA works together, they aren't a true team like the G Revolutions. This all changes when he sees Crusher, Mystel and Ming-Ming actually supporting Brooklyn after Tyson shows him the true spirit of Beyblading. Garland then comes to the revelation that they are a team, and he's an amazing leader.


Garland's Beyblade is Apollon. It is a yellow blade with a large attack ring called the Corona Saber, a ten wide weight disk with a final clutch base.

It is a blade made for burst attacks with Garland's initial motions, combined with Garland's knowledge of martial arts, making Garland & Apollon a very deadly duo.


Beyblade: G-Revolution
Opponent Episode Result
Bryan Kuznetsov & Spencer G-Revolution Episode 35 Win
Tala G-Revolution Episode 36 Win
Kai Hiwatari G-Revolution Episode 38 Draw
BEGA Bladers G-Revolution Episode 41 Win
Tyson Granger G-Revolution Episode 49 Lose



  • According to some fans, Garland is the second strongest Blader in the BEGA League next to Brooklyn.
  • His appearance is somewhat similar with Duke from Double Dragon series.

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