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Gary Tan

Gary launch


Japanese Name ゲイリータン
English Translation Tan Gao
Japanese Voice Actor {{{Japanese Voice Actor}}}
English Voice Actor Craig Lauzon
First Appearance Beyblade Episode 7
Appears in Beyblade

Beyblade G-Revolution

Age 15 Beyblade 2000

17 Beyblade G-Revolution

Occupation {{{Occupation}}}
Team White Tigers

White Tiger X

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Rivals {{{Rivals}}}
Beyblade Galzzly
Beast Galzzly
Character Listing - Category
There's little to say about Gary. He's the muscles of White Tigers with Galzzly as his Beyblade and sometimes (or mostly) take orders from Mariah Wong. Apart from the rest of White Tigers, Gary (as well as Kevin) does not have a feline Bit-Beast. He's got a bear looking Bit-Beast. Gary also beats Max Tate with 2-1 in a Beyblade match in the first season. Gary loves food and has even been known to throw a battle or two because of his insatiable appetite. And even though Gary is a giant, he pretty much keeps to himself. Under that immense physique is one of the gentlest creatures on earth. Gary has a specialty of using his anger for more power in his beyblade.



  • Gary will do anything for Mariah, as he has a crush on her.
  • Gary could be one of the most powerful beybladers in Beyblade 2000 if he reached maximum anger.
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