Goh Hiwatari (十文字ヒカル Tomonji Hikaru) is a minor character from the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade manga.

Physical Appearance

He is generally a smaller version of Kai: Goh has two triangles on his face while his father has four; he wears the same kind of clothes that Kai wore in Beyblade: V-Force. Also he have a house rule that he can wear his clothes in only tournaments.

Personality & Characteristics

Goh is the son of Kai Hiwatari. He is very much like his father, not only in appearance but in personality as well and a little bit like his mother.

He is a intelligent and also speaks openly to his friends where his father is not. He loves beyblade his beyblade is a mini stage of Dranzer which is unknown.


His Beyblade is a variation of Dranzer. Goh's Beyblade is called Dranzer, it is possible that Kai might have given his own Beyblade to his son.


He appears briefly in the end of the manga, battling in a tournament with Takao's son Makoto and Rei's daughter, Lin.

Goh and Makoto battle one another in a future tournament, with Daichi Sumeragi as the new Blader DJ, who hosts the tournaments.


Kai Hiwatari

Goh is the only son of Kai Hiwatari. His mother is unnamed and unseen.

Makoto Kinomiya

Makoto Kinomiya is Goh's rival and friend, mirroring the relationship between Kai and Kinomiya Takao.



  • The Japanese name "Gou", means five.

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