• Gravity Destroyer is the first Bey released that can both spin left and right (if XTS Tornado Destroyer is not counted); the second is Variares D:D whom Gravity Destroyer was based off of.
  • Gravity Destroyer is the fourth Bey released that can spin Left, the first is L-Drago 105F, the second is Lightning L-Drago 100HF, and the third is Meteo L-Drago LW105LF.
  • Gravity Destroyer is the first Bey to have the AD145WD combo, second being Beat Lynx AD145WD (Hasbro).
  • It's the first Bey that has two motifs and each mode has its own beast.
  • Gravity Destroyer is the second Bey to have something to do with Medusa. The first Bey was Poison Serpent SW145SD.
  • Gravity Destroyer is similar to Fusion Hades in two ways. First, they both share the Armor Defense spin track. Second, in Greek mythology Hades, which is what the Bey is based on, is related to Perseus as it gave Perseus its Helm of Darkness. Having the same Spin Track could be a reference to this.
  • Gravity Destroyer is one of the few Beys to use a WD Performance Tip / Bottom. The 1st was Earth Eagle 145WD .
  • Gravity Destroyer will be re-released in the Beyblade Legends Super Vortex Battle Set with Ray Striker D125CS.
  • It is the second Beyblade to be able to control gravity. The first Beyblade is Draciel G (Gravity).

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