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Heat Leone 125FS is a bey that was owned by Benkei Hanawa early in the Metal Saga. Benkei then replaced it with Dark Bull H145SD.

Face Bolt: Cetus

Cetus is the Face Bolt of Benkei's Beyblade mostly in the beginning of the Japanese Beyblade show and the U.S version. It is the color of a robin's egg and has Cetus printed on the Face Bolt. In the greek mythology Thanatos (aka Cetus) was the deamon personification of the death.

Energy Ring: Leone

The regular release of Leone is a transparent, turqouise piece(transparent green and yellow in America) rather than a Green in the anime. Leone is very circular with small ridge details. It can provide nice weight and has decent defensive capabilities. Overall, it is a basic ring and used commonly in generic beys in the anime


  • Thermal/Flame Leone T125/125 WD/EWD/WB (Defense)

Light Wheel: Heat

Heat is the light wheel version of Thunder. Heat Leone has many color variations, and is the
most often used bey by non-main characters. Some generic beys, however, are Heat Leones. Heat is composed of twelve blades, six large and six small. Heat has minimal space between the blades, reducing smash attack. You can also relate this wheel to Rock, as it has the large rings, though it has worse atributes.

Spin Track: 125


125 track

The 125 Track is a midway between the 105 and the 145 Tracks. Utilized in mid-height stamina combos, it is more difficult to destablize compared to 145 height stamina combos.

Performance Tip: Flat Sharp (FS)

  • Weight: 0.6 grams

FS has a flat tip with a small, spike tip in the center. As a result, when launched at a straight angle, the Beyblade spins with very little movement. However, when tilted, either from the contact of an opposing Beyblade or from the launch, the Bottom moves in an offensive pattern. However, it suffers from the same problems as other Balance Bottoms, in that the two qualities are compromised, resulting in mediocre performance in both fields.



Heat Leone 125FS
Benkei fisrt bey
Number: {{{Number}}}
Owner: Benkei Hanawa
Face Bolt Cetus
Energy Ring Leone
Fusion Wheel Heat
Spin Track 125
Performance Tip FS
First Appearance (Anime) N/A
First Appearance (Manga) N/A
Type Balance
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