Honey Guten (KANJI, ROMAJI) is a character appearing in the anime series, Beyblade Burst Evolution. She is the younger sister of Shasa Guten, a junior member of BC Sol, and best friends with Kitt Lopez. Her Beyblade is unknown.


Honey is a young girl with short blue hair tied with a pink ribbon, and indigo eyes. She wears a turquoise hair clip that matches her older sister's, a green and white striped hoodie with a blue star on it, rolled up yellow shorts, and pink and magenta striped socks.


True to her namesake, Honey has a very sweet and friendly personality. Like her older sister, she's one of the few members of BC Sol who acts friendly towards Valt and Rantaro even if they end up causing the team to lose. She is also very optimistic, as even when she sees Valt beginning to lose in his battle against Silas Karlisle, she continues to cheer him on just as excitedly.

Honey cares a great deal about her sister, Shasa and always looks up to her. At one point, when Free returned to Spain after being defeated by Lui Shirasagi, Honey became concerned for Shasa, who was upset at Free for returning to BC Sol after abandoning them.


Beyblade Burst Evolution (anime)
Opponent Episode Result


Valt Aoi

Kitt Lopez

Honey and Kitt have a friendly relationship, and are very close to one another. Honey always is happy to listen as Kitt explains how a beyblade works using his BeyAnalyzer, and agrees with him most of the time. The two of them also blade with each other, and have a few matches for fun every once and a while.

Shasa Guten

Shasa is Honey's older sister, who's very caring and protective of her.



  • Honey acts as Toko and Nika for Evolution, like her best friend Kitt.