Hongyi-Rapidity counterfeit toy

Hongyi/Rapidity is a Chinese "Fake Beyblade" toy company. The quality of the Beyblades they manufacture are not as good as Sonokong, Takara Tomy, or Hasbro.


Beyblades manufactured by Hongyi/Rapidity parts will be made of cheap materials, and will perform badly when launched. The same applies with the launchers and other blading accessories.


The packages of Hongyi/Rapidity Beyblades does not have a Takara Tomy, Sonokong, or Hasbro logos. Instead the packages have a blue "H" that says "Hongyi" and it have a term saying "Rapidity", not "Beyblade". Some Beyblades made by Hongyi/Rapidity will include extra parts such as a metal performance tip.


Some Hongyi/Rapidity Beyblades  have the wrong names, and some have part of their names spelled incorrectly.