Hurricane Crusher Pisces
Release Date(s)
Product Details
Product Code: W-32
Type: Balance
Spirit Axle: Pisces
Spirit Shield: Pisces
Energy Core: Hurricane
Attack Gear: Crusher
Owner: N/A
First anime appearance: N/A

Hurricane Crusher Pisces is a Balance-Type BeyWheel from the BeyWheelz toyline. It will be released as part of the Spark FX series.

Spirit Axle: Pisces

The Pisces Spirit Axle depicts a Pisces, being one of the 88 constellations in space. But representing the Spirit Axle, is a faded shark with both its jaws opening. It is a lime green color with thin grey lines going in opposite directions.

Spirit Shield: Pisces

The Spirit Shield design has a total of twenty teeth going from top to bottom that looks like the mouth of a shark with a translucent navy blue color. Around the design there are faded lime green gills going down towards the mouth from both sides. It also has two fins pointing outward outside the Spirit Shield.

Energy Core: Hurricane

The Hurricane Energy Core appears to have scales that have a tooth-like structure surrounding the Spirit Shield which would help reduce friction considering its a balance type. It has a bluish-green color.

Attack Gear: Crusher

The Crusher Attack Gear has a smooth and a round rubber surface on the outer layer as well.



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