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The Ifrit Salamander Fire Synchrome 2-Pack is an unreleased Beybattle Top 2-Pack. It has an MSRP listing of $15.99 and was released internationally around Fall 2013.


Official description

  • With the Ifrit Salamander Fire Synchrome 2-pack, two tops clash in an awesome battle
  • Set features Samurai Ifrit E230GCF for attack and Ninja Salamander SW145SD for balance
  • Samurai Ifrit top has an Elevator Spin Track part with a disk that moves up and down to help adjust balance
  • Its Gear Circle Flat Performance Tip piece has a gear shape and a flat tip for power and speed
  • Ninja Salamander top has a Switch Spin Track piece that lets you switch it from attack to defense



  • This was the first Beybattle Top 2-Pack revealed.
  • The Beybattle Tops included harbor the product codes SS-01A and SS-02A, respectively. This contradicts with the Samurai Cyclone Battle Set, where its Beyblades use the same codes.
  • Samurai Ifrit E230GCF Collector card displays E230CGF. This might be the mistake made by Hasbro.
  • Due to the new cross-shaped Shogun Facebolts, the Beys will each weigh a gram less.
  • This Synchrome 2-pack was inspired by the recommanded Synchrome in the Theif Phoenic / Phoenix packaging : MSF Saramanda Ifraid / Salamander Ifrit E230GCF. The only difference between these combos is the Metal Stone Face with the Saramanda Ifraid combo.

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